15 Movies That Had to be Cancelled During Production For Insane Reasons

Watching movies is everyone’s passion, but sometimes due to major difficulties or other reasons, the director’s vision does not translate into reality and we have compiled a list of such movies. Check out our list of 15 Movies Canceled During Production For Mind-Blowing Reasons.

The Alien

Satyajit Ray used to be among the most influential movie makers in India and he also has cross-border appeal. He had written a script that he named The Alien which was to be made into a movie with Indian-American co-production with Columbia Pictures. But, his Hollywood representative, Mike Wilson had copyrighted the script and added his name as a co-writer without having written a single word himself. The movie never became a reality.

Midnight Rider

This was to be Gregg Allman biopic but got shut down only after one day of shooting. The crew of the movie was shooting in an active railway area, Wayne County, Georgia, where a camera assistant, Sarah Jones was struck and killed by a freight train. Seven other members also got injured.

Star Trek: The God Thing

Star Trek got canceled only after three seasons, but it had a lot of fans all over the world who wanted more of a science fiction and space-themed movies. The new Star Trek: The God Thing turned out to be anti-religious because it had a particular scene involving Spock who was questioning whether earthling’s gods are insecure. So the movie was rejected by studio bosses and never came to light.

At the Mountains of Madness

Guillermo del Toro has made a lot of movies and had written a script on Lovecraft, named At the Mountains of Madness which seemed just perfect for the filmmaker, visually. When the studio showed the movie, they mentioned that it was a hard-R, with no love story and a real downer of an ending.

The Day the Clown Cried

Jerry Lewis is a mind-blowing comedian, but he wanted to branch out into directing and starring in the movie The Day the Clown Cried. But Lewis, then believed that he was the wrong person for the role and the movie was an embarrassment. Before he died, he gave one copy of his script to the Library of Congress, with a condition that it cannot be screened until 2024.


In the anticipation that Alfred Hitchcock would shock everyone like he did with Psycho, he commissioned Kaleidoscope to be written. The movie was full of deaths and assaults which was a little jarring for the 1960s. Despite promising to make the movie for less than a billion, the movie never became a reality because of the upsetting subject matter which was considered taboo at that time.


Disney was all set to make the new animated movie Newt based on the awareness of the extinction of Newt creatures. But Rio by Blue Sky Studios was a movie that featured two macaws who were the last of there kind and needed to mate. So Pixar made Inside Out and considered it an update.

The Man who killed Don Quixote

Director Terry Gillian wanted to make this movie. But just on the second day of the filming, a flash flood washed away all the equipment and altered scenery. Then, there was this issue with the military jets overhead that rendered audio completely unusable. And above all, the lead role of Don Quixote, played by Jean Rochefort was diagnosed with a double herniated disc.


This movie was to be made in less than five grand, and it was all set for an Academy Award. While filming the beginning and the ending scenes, there was monsoon that put the movie way behind the schedule, and this setback costed a lot of money resulting in project being shelved.

Uncle Tom’s Fairy Tales

There can be so many reasons why movies can be abandoned, but Uncle Tom’s Fairy Tales was abandoned all of a sudden. The main lead, Richard Pryor got into a heated argument with his wife about how much time he spent on the sets. This argument led to some not so good consequences, including the failure of this movie to take off.

The Rainbow Road to Oz

The MGM exclusive, The Wizard of Oz, the world of Oz was then bought by Disney, to make its own experiments with the world of Oz. They wished to make the movie The Rainbow Road to Oz but never made it because of the inferiority complex Disney had with the movie. They thought they’d make an inferior product.

The Other Side of the Wind

Orsen Welles really wanted to make this movie, The Other Side of the Wind but he faced a lot of issues with the proper message of the movie. Things seemed to be back on track until the new government of Ayatollah Khomeini had the movie impounded and cut the funding. This was because a large portion of the budget came from the brother-in-law of the Shah of Iran, who Khomeini had recently overthrown to become the new ruler.

Something’s Got to Give

Marilyn Monroe was to act in this movie but as soon as the production started, she disliked the script, she was recovering from a gall bladder surgery, requested some time off to sing for the president, and also got infected by a sinus, which turned very bad for her. And then the production couldn’t move forward.

Who Killed Bambi?

The only thing we know is the movie was only shot for about a day and a half before the studio put the kibosh on production. The movie then just got to the middle of nowhere.

My Best Friend’s Birthday

Movies Canceled

Everyone wanted this movie to become a reality, but unfortunately, the movie could not be made because of an unexpected fire that broke out in the studio and ruined everything.

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