15 Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

With The Spider-Men coming to the MCU we have made a list of 15 multiverse characters who could have also appeared in No Way Home. This includes other variants of Spider-Man and people who otherwise knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man but did not make it in time before Doctor Strange de-activated the spell. Take a look at the alternate Spider-Man characters and let us know if we could include any more in this list.

Green Goblin Jr.

Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

A lot of fans expected to see James Franco’s iteration of Green Goblin Jr. in the MCU. It could have been fun if this villain came to help spidey much like the end of Spider-Man 3. We would have even enjoyed the Dane DeHaan version of the character. Any would have sufficed, we only wanted to see Harry Orbsorn in the MCU. Would have been fun to see father and son take to the skies together.


Miles Morales Spider-Man

Sony has already expanded on the character of Miles Morales by introducing him Into The Spiderverse. We were disappointed to not see him feature in No Way Home, even though he was teased in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now we wish to see Miles Morales take center stage in the MCU along with Peter Parker. After all, Tom Holland should also get a chance to mentor someone, like Tony Stark did with him.



Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

Another Character who knew the identity of Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man but did not appear in the MCU is Venom from Spider-Man 3. This iteration is creepier than all the others in our opinion. Topher Grace plays a version of the character that puts us on edge just by looking at him. The Lethal protector version of SPUMC is fun but he is not intimidating enough to be a real villain.


 Superior Spider-Man

Alternate Spider-Man characters

If we are talking about multiversal versions of Peter Parker then we cannot not talk about Superior Spider-Man. Before the events of spider-verse in the comics, Doc Ock figured out a way to switch his body with that of Peter Parker. With the superior intellect of Doctor Otto Octavious combined with the might of Spider-Man, there was no one who could rival the Superior Spider-Man. Since Otto was back in No Way Home, it would have been really fun to see a combined version of him and Peter in the MCU.


Uncle Ben

Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

A lot of fans expected the MCU to expand upon Uncle Ben in No Way Home but the movie never got to it. It would have been fun to see a multiversal variant of the character come to the MCU, maybe the one from the deleted scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This version clearly knew more than he was letting on, and he could have been the one to exemplify what Aunt May meant by those words instead of Tobey Maguire.


Spider-Man Noir

Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

Another Spider-Man version from Shattered Dimensions game and the old comics that did not make it into the MCU. After the Far From Home nod to the character’s suit, we expected to see this multiversal variant of Spider-Man in the movie. Maybe Nick Cage could have played the live-action version of the character too, much like how he played the Into The Spiderverse animated version.



A lot of fans had speculated that since No Way Home was partly based on the One More Day comic storyline that Mephisto would also make a cameo in the movie. However, this did not happen. Since Mephisto is the devil of the Marvel Multiverse, he has knowledge of every hero’s identity. This includes Spider-Man’s. This could have been the perfect setup for the introduction of the supernatural in the MCU.


Gwen Stacy

Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

Gwen Stacy became our favorite character in the era of The Amazing Spider-Man. Emma Stone was effectively the co-lead of that franchise and she played the character perfectly well. She was portrayed as the partner to Peter and hence her death took a toll on the audience. If she came back in No Way Home we could have had an emotional reunion and maybe some more character development for Andrew Garfield’s character. It would have hit the audience right in the gut.


Uncle Ben’s Killer

Alternate Spider-Man characters

The character who killed Uncle Ben was unveiled to be Flint Marco aka The Sandman in Spider-Man 3.  However, The Amazing Spider-Man never fully resolved that storyline. Moreover, there were also many different iterations of this character in the comics and hence it could have been any one of those. It is because every time Peter harms this character he ends up revealing his identity to the man, stretching back to the first time this origin took place. The inclusion of such a character would have given the movie even more emotional weight for Tobey Maguire and the other Spider-Man(s).



Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

There is a universe out there where a teenage Gwen Stacy was the one who got bit by the Spider. She lost Peter Parker in her world much like Peter of Earth-616 lost his Gwen. This character also appeared in Into The Spiderverse. We would have loved to see a version like this appear in the MCU. Maybe Emma Stone could have played her and had fans lose their minds. Regardless, it would have been an amazing addition to the cast.


Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson played by Kirsten Dunst in the Raimi Trilogy would have been an amazing addition to the cast of No Way Home. We would have finally got the chance to see the culmination of their love story from the Raimiverse and it would have been fun to see the old couple bickering with each other. Also, she could have acted as the emotional anchor of the group, guiding them as their voice of reason.



Alternate Spider-Man Characters Who Could Have Also Been In No Way Home

Since the symbiote hive-mind knows everything the other symbiote knows, this dictates that Woody Harrelson’s Carnage definitely knows about the real identity of Spider-Man. This also means that he was eligible to be pulled into the MCU much like how Eddie Brock was pulled from the SPUMC. Just imagine how chaotic the movie would have been if two symbiotes made it through.


Fantastic Four

Since the MCU is about to introduce the Fantastic Four into their universe, they could have camoed all the four characters in this movie. It would have been a good setup to have Reed, Sue, Johhny, and Ben show up. Since Jon Watts, the director of the Homecoming trilogy is now directing MCU’s Fantastic Four, it was believed that Reed Richards would be revealed as the new owner of the tower. So maybe that could have happened along with a cameo from the cast.

So these were all the alternate Spider-Man characters that could have appeared in No Way Home besides the ones we got to see.

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