15 Things Black Panther Can Afford That Even Billionaire Tony Stark Can’t

Black Panther is the King of Wakanda. Tony Stark is the CEO and owner of the Marvel Universe’s richest conglomerate Stark Industries. While the playboy lifestyle of Tony Stark certainly entices millions, Mr. Stark’s bank accounts are still a child compared to T’Challa’s. T’Challa aka Black Panther has the wealth of an entire nation at his disposal. So naturally, his wealth would outshine Stark’s, no matter how rich you think the latter is. Presenting 15 things Back Panther can afford that even Billionaire Tony Stark can’t….

15. The Black Panther Suit

It’s not a question of ‘how much’ as it is of ‘why’. Tony Stark can never afford to design the Black Panther suit because the suit is made up of Vibranium, a substance the world outside Wakanda has no access to. Moreover, Wakanda’s isolationist policies have led to the development of a different set of computer codes and software frameworks that are far more superior to the rudimentary binary code based software and A.I that Tony uses.

14. Desert Sands

Designed by a brilliant Wakandan inventor N’lix, the Desert Sands technology is one of Black Panther’s greatest weapons against technology. The Desert Sands are actually microscopic EMP disruptors. Once thrown at an opponent, they will diffuse all electronic circuitry. Tony Stark’s suits will have no form of defense against these.

13. Gyro-Cruiser

The Gyro-Cruiser was also featured in the MCU Black Panther movie. The Cruiser is called a Gyro-Cruiser for pretty obvious reasons. It contains a gyroscope that helps its stay upright even during adverse weather conditions. It is Wakanda’s premier rescue ops vehicle. The reason Tony could never replicate this technology is because the Gyro-Cruiser is made out of substances that are unique to Wakanda.

12. Hyena Clan Teleportation device

Wakanda built a teleportation device centuries ago that was stolen by the Hyena Clan. The Clan used it to teleport to any corner of Africa and creates mayhem. The teleportation device is now in the possession of Wakanda. Tony Stark has created wondrous tech but teleportation is a field he hasn’t mastered yet. Wakanda seems reluctant to share this powerful technology with him.

11. Wakanda Hulk Buster

The Hulkbuster armor was designed to take down the Hulk. Tony Stark has his own version that does the job fairly well. Wakanda also faced the wrath of the Hulk not long ago so T’Challa unveiled Wakanda’s own version of the Hulkbuster – the Wakandan Hulk buster armor which was made out of pure vibranium and thus was naturally much stronger.

10. Holopods

Another of N’lix’s inventions, the Holopods are the greatest form of illusion that could be created with the aid of technology. When thrown, the Holopods would create multiple optical images of the Black Panther. Each illusion will have its own specific heat signature making it difficult to identify the real T’Challa using heat sensors.

9. Kimoya Beads

The Kimoya Beads have a threefold function – the Prime Bead would allow retaining the wearer’s complete medical history and added medical knowhow, the AV bead helps provide access to Wakanda’s entire database of knowledge and the Communications bead acted as a cell phone. They also work off Wakanda’s vibranium supply so it is impossible to create a duplicate.

8. The Abosrber

The absorber allowed the user to completely mitigate his own vibrations. You could use the Absorber to enter a room, steal anything you want and leave through the backdoor without even anyone noticing. This Wakandan tech was stolen but is back in the country now. T’Challa has no intention of letting more copies of it being mass produced.

7. Techno-Organic jungle

Many don’t know but T’Challa is one of the Earth’s most gifted geniuses. One of his many inventions is the techno-organic jungle – a blend of Wakandan tech with plant life. The jungle is actually a training are for Black Panther but can also be used as a natural security system.

6. Shok-Nets

Another of N’lix’s creations, the Shok-Nets are exactly what they sound like. Black Panther can use the Shok-Nets to restrain an unruly opponent. Once thrown, the Shok-Net will wrap around the enemy and release a deadly amount of electricity. The opponent will be either incapacitated or die a painful death.

5. Energy Daggers

The Energy Daggers are one of Black Panther’s premium weapons when wearing the superhero mask. It is made of Vibranium so Stark can never get his hands on them. The Energy daggers can regenerate, cut through anything, used as throwing knives and also act as the tips of highly durable spears.

4. The Desert Suns

The Ultimate crowd control weapon, the Desert Suns was designed by N’lix. When thrown at the enemy, a golden ball would explode to release a stupendous amount of gas and electricity that could incapacitate multiple opponents single-handedly. Since it is a weapon exclusive to T’Challa, Mr. Stark will have to look the other way.

3. The Heart Shaped Herb

The Heart shaped herb is a staple of the mantle of the Black Panther. It was first seen in Wakanda when a meteorite carrying alien plant life crashed into a mound of Vibranium. The mutated alien plant life has since been used in the Black Panther ritual, giving the Black Panther heightened senses beyond normal. Tony Stark cannot have access to this drug because it is exclusive to Wakanda and it needs a lot of Vibranium to grow.

2. King Solomon’s Frogs

Frogs that could bend reality and time, crazy isn’t it?!?! Then again, it’s the world of Wakanda we are talking about. King Solomon’s Frogs allows people from Wakanda to manipulate time but with drastic side effects. Once a future Black Panther tried to use the frogs, only to find him transported back to the past. Tony Stark can never use these frogs because they can only be used by people of Wakandan origin.

 1. Vibranium

black panther tony stark

One of the rarest and most valuable weapons on Earth, Vibranium was first discovered on the planet when a meteorite full of it crashed into Wakanda. Vibranium’s peculiar property allows it to absorb any and all vibrations in its immediate vicinity. It can not only absorb kinetic energy but pure, unadulterated forms of energy as well like electricity and heat. Its value as a weapon is substantial so it is no wonder Wakanda is so strict on regulating the supply of Vibranium to the outside world. Cap’s shield is the only known source of Vibranium outside Wakanda.

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