All 4 New Characters Introduced In Eternals Post Credits Scenes Explained

Eternals was no ordinary project as it probably ended up bringing together a massive number of characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie already features a cast of ten characters as the group of heroes. Considering the movie was already bringing a world of mythology that has been a part of MCU we clearly knew we will see a lot more of the world we have witnessed over the years. Similar to past films of the franchise the post-credit sequence gives us a lot more details about the future of the MCU. Let’s take a look at the 4 new characters introduced in Eternals post-credits scenes and what their addition means for the future.

Eternals had quite a lot going on throughout the movie but taking the post-credits into consideration we also got a lot more than usual. As a complete surprise, the movie introduces us to a set of new characters and also gives us the fate of a character the movie ended up introducing to us. This does mean that the movie had to do quite a lot of heavy lifting considering we already got introduced to ten new characters in the movie. Let’s dive right into these characters.


New Characters Introduced In Eternals

Fans had a somewhat hint regarding this addition but still, it was a completely different experience to watch it come together as Harry Styles appeared as Eros, a.k.a. Starfox in the mid-credits scene for the movie. As Druig, played by Barry Keoghan, Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, and Thena, played by Angelina Jolie, had left Earth on their ship, the Domo, to search for more Eternals across the galaxy. In a complete surprise, we see a portal open up in the ship and it is none other than Eros and another character we will talk about soon. Eros introduces himself and mentions that he is gonna help them out with his knowledge about the missing Eternals.


This addition is rather exciting considering the character has a very essential connection to the MCU. Starfox is actually the brother of one of the major characters who has previously appeared in the movie, we are talking about the Mad Titan, Thanos himself. But Starfox is somewhat different from Thanos in terms of his attitude but considering the history of the characters, we can imagine Starfox to be a bit more serious about life following the death of his mother, Sui San due to an attack by Thanos. We are yet to see if Starfox is aware of the events of Avengers: Endgame as it might give us some introspection into the relationship they shared.


Pip The Troll

The other character who appears right next to Starfox through the portal in front of Druig, Makkari, and Thena is Pip the Troll. He is voiced by the infamous funny man, Patton Oswalt. He is actually the first one to appear considering the portal opens and he is the first one to come out. The character appears as a small goblin of sorts and has a mug of ale in his hand. He sloshes the mug into the Domos while he speaks in a manner somewhat slurring his words as he goes on a long-winded and overly florid announcement describing the achievements of him and Starfox.  The latter appears to be somewhat annoyed and mentions that he has asked Pip to not do that before and it is fairly obvious that they’ve had that conversation before.


This character is a completely CGI creation compared to Starfox. Fans had been guessing that this character would appear in the MCU for a long time now and one of these guesses involved Peter Dinklage’s character when he was announced to be a part of Avengers: Infinity War. The character wasn’t always a troll but was instead turned into one because of spending a night drinking with them. It was due to the liquor which had some enchantment that completely ended up altering him and as a result, he was exiled from his homeworld of Laxidazia. It’s about time that the character appeared in the MCU because a close companion of his Adam Warlock is also set to appear soon with Will Poulter cast in the role.


Black Knight

The last two characters were a completely fresh set of appearance into the movie but this character was set up using this movie. Throughout the movie, we were given slight hints that Dane Whitman is a lot more than just a supporting character in the film. Finally, we did get to see the story behind his character in the post-credits scene. We see him pacing back and forth across a study as he is pumping himself up to open an ornate and aged box on his desk. The suspense is resolved when the box is opened and a sword is revealed and strange whispers fill in and we see the metals seeming to move and ripple on their own in the sword. We see the message: “Death Is His Reward.”, etched across the blade which means that Dane Whitman will have to pay a significant cost to whatever power he gains from taking up the sword.


New Characters Introduced In Eternals

Dane Whitman has a quite significant history in the Marvel world and it seems that legacy will be shown in the movie. When Gemma Chan’s Sersi feels that they won’t be able to stop the Emergence, she suggests Dane go and visit his estranged uncle, Nathan Garrett. This character is actually the previous Black Knight and this title has been passed down throughout their families since the middle ages. While in the comics Garrett passes the mantle to Dane when the former is fatally injured in a battle with Iron Man but we probably won’t see the same thing in the movie.


The Ebony Blade will play quite a significant role in the future of the franchise because it wields some rather significant powers. The sword is able to cut through any object, deflect magic and at the same time protect them from death. But there is another thing at play with the Ebony Blade considering it carries a curse that tends to make the wielder crave for bloodshed. The more the Black Knight uses the sword to cause bloodshed the more the sword will seek blood and this will cause the Black Knight to eventually turn into a dealer of death due to the bloodlust. This clearly explains the message etched on the sword considering the Ebony Blade will only bring death.



Another major addition to the set of characters in the post-credits sequence has to be the character of Blade. During Dane Whitman’s reveal of the Ebony Blade we could hear a voice off-screen that’s asking Dane if he is ready. Initially, fans felt that the voice was clearly Mahershala Ali but they were not sure. Director Chloe Zhao confirmed that the voice is none other than Blade, played by Mahershala Ali. We don’t know for sure how he will appear because the character only appeared as a voice. But this is clearly a means of setting up the character.


Each of these additions is a clear hint at the future of the MCU and how the entire franchise will proceed. The characters will definitely serve some rather interesting purposes as some of them have a movie coming, particularly Mahershala Ali’s Blade. The new Blade movie will be released in 2022 and it will be directed by Bassam Tariq.

So these were all new characters introduced in Eternals. Which of them are you excited to see the most? Let us know.

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