Thanos Vs Doctor Doom: Battle of The Big Bads

This is a battle everyone would want to see happen in the MCU. Doctor Doom has been massively underrated in the movies, but he is the omnipotent villain of the comics and has been claimed the best Marvel has to offer. On the other hand, Thanos’ name needs do description! We all know he is the one who has truly defined evil in the Marvel comics. So a battle between the two would be something that will be totally catastrophic. Let’s analyze the two and see who will be the winner among these two villains: Thanos Vs Doctor Doom.

The Mad Titan

Thanos is notably the biggest villain the Avengers have ever had to face. He is the ultimate big bad of the entire Marvel universe and is famous for conquering entire universes in the multiverse. He just becomes unbeatable with the number of powers he has which are the Superhuman strength, durability, endurance, and intelligence, Energy manipulation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, teleportation, and Longevity. Along with this, Thanos gets hold of the Infinity Gauntlet which contains the 6 infinity stones that could wipe out the entire universe with just one blow.

He is known as the Mad Titan by the galactic community and the Dark Lord by his most loyal underlings. He is a very powerful cosmic warlord that rules over a very distant region in outer space. Along with all the powers mentioned above, he commands two massive armies known as the Chitauri and the Outriders. Along with his armies, his loyal generals who are also his children in the MCU are a part of his very evil Black Order. The members of The Black Order include Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive. He is also the father of Nebula and Gamora, and with the use of the Infinity Stones, he can control all of these individuals together and with the powers of this unified team combined, he could take out any being in the entire multiverse.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Victor Von Doom is both a genius inventor and a sorcerer. While his chief opponents have been the Fantastic Four, he has also come into conflict with Iron Man and other Avengers from time to time. Though normally portrayed as Marvel’s greatest Super Villain but after the events of Civil War II in the comics, he became a good guy, one of the best Superheroes Marvel has ever produced.

Even though he is a little under-rated on the big screen because of badly written character arcs, he has a great potential and is going to get another shot in a solo movie. He is extremely powerful and a scientific genius. The powers he possesses are extreme mystical capabilities. He is capable of energy projection, creating protective shields, and summoning hordes of demonic creatures. Along with that, he can exert technopathic control over certain machines and his armor augments his natural physical strength to superhuman levels, to the point where he is able to overpower normal humans and hold his own against superhuman foes like the Hulk.

Thanos Vs Doctor Doom

Thanos Vs Doctor Doom
Thanos Vs Doctor Doom

This is the most equally matched battle of Marvel’s villains as both these Villains are the biggest Marvel has to offer. Thanos and Doctor Doom, both have achieved feats that no one ever has and will in their entire comic book run. Doom may not be as big as Thanos when it comes to power levels, but given the prep time, he has defeated individuals much powerful than the Mad Titan. Thanos is similar to Doctor Doom in this case as he can also wipe out the entire Universe if appropriate amount of prep time is provided to him, and this will be proven by the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War as the MCU has really built up to Thanos.

Thanos Vs Doctor Doom
Thanos Vs Doctor Doom

There is a reason why these two villains are treated as the ultimate bosses of the Marvel comics. After the MCU is done with Thanos and they manage to acquire Doctor Doom, they will surely build up towards him in a similar way. So, when it comes to a brawl between these two, the fight will go on for quite a bit of time!

Thanos Vs Doctor Doom
Thanos Vs Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom has built machines that steal the powers of the Beyonder, and moreover, he has gone on to challenge the celestials, so he will give a tough match to Thanos! Without the Infinity Gauntlet, Doctor Doom could use all the resources he has at his disposal, and actually, bring Thanos down to his feet, and maybe even win, the battle, but Thanos is no small feat to be underestimated just like that! He is the ultimate big bad and even without the Gauntlet, it is not easy to take him down no matter what Doom throws at him. He is highly intelligent and will have a counter move to everything. He even excels in strength against Victor Von Doom, and having the Infinity Gauntlet will be the end game for Doom.

So, it is Thanos who will ultimately emerge victoriously!

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