10 Amazing Facts About The Mind Stone From Infinity War You Never Knew!!!

The Mind Stone was the second Stone to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the very first to help the fans realize that the concept of the Infinity Stones exists in the MCU. The Mind Stone was used by Loki to invade Earth, created Ultron and is now embedded into the forehead of Vision. Amongst all the other gems, the Mind Stone has been around the Marvel Universe the longest. Presenting 10 Amazing facts about the Mind Stone from Infinity War you never knew….

It can tap into the universal consciousness

The Universal consciousness is a psychic conduit and the living node of all sentience found all over the entire universe. It can be considered the World’s greatest reservoir of knowledge that has, is or ever will be. The Mind Stone can help its user tap into this consciousness construct and obtain eternal knowledge about anything and everything.

Its wielder becomes the Universe’s greatest telepath

Telepathy is a pretty useful and deadly ability. Professor X once mind controlled the entire planet using just his mind. A Powerful telepath is not someone you want to cross paths with. When one wields the Mind Stone, they become the Universe’s greatest telepath and gain the ability to alter memories, influence the astral plane and the ability to influence people on a psychic level.

It grants you vast telekinetic abilities

Since the Mind Stone enhances your mind, psychokinetic abilities and telekinetic abilities area given. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects via sheer thought. Every human in the Marvel Universe has some latent telekinetic ability. Using this stone, that ability could be amplified by infinite times.

It is the weakest of all the Infinity Stones

The Mind Stone, for all its power, has limits to its ability. It cannot affect objects and people on a celestial level the way the other stones can. Its effects are almost always local. It is only when it is coupled with the other Infinity Stones that it becomes a force to be truly reckoned with.

Once belonged to the Grandmaster

After the Elders of the Universe failed to kill Galactus using the Infinity Stones, the Mind Stone fell into the hands of the Grandmaster, who safeguarded it from all prying eyes from all over the universe. Suffice it to say, it did not stay with him for much longer. More on that in a bit….

Thanos gained the Mind Stone by cheating

Each Elder of the Universe has a hobby they like to abide by. The Grandmaster likes to play games. When Thanos came to take the Mind Stone from him, the Grandmaster decided to play against him in a game of wits. The Grandmaster cheated and so did Thanos. But in the end, Thanos managed to beat the Grandmaster in his own game.

Drax’s daughter possessed the Mind Stone

Heather Douglas is the daughter of Arthur Douglas, the guy who would go on to become Drax the Destroyer. Heather would later become the telepathic superhero called the Moondragon and join the Infinity Watch. Each member of the Watch was given possession of an Infinity Stone. Moondragon got the Mind Stone.

The Mind Stone is actually the brain of an immensely smart Frost Giant

In the Ultimates Universe, Odin fought the Frost Giant Hidelbard, the smartest giant of Jotunheimer. After defeating him, Odin literally took his intelligence from him. But the knowledge of Hidelbard was too much even for the All-Father himself so he decided to condense that knowledge into a stone which would later become the Mind Stone.

It was sued by Thor’s son to mind control his father

Thor had a son named Modi in Marvel Comics. Thor was mind controlled by his own son who wanted his father to fight and defeat the Ultimates. Thor managed to wrestle back the control of his mind from his son to himself and his son’s machinations never came to fruition.

It can give you permanent superhuman abilities when exposed to it

Mind Stone

In the MCU, the concept of Mutantkind does not exist but Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are actually mutants in the comics. So how do they have powers? It is the Mind Stone that gave them abilities. As it turns out, the Mind Stone radiates immense cosmic energy and Wanda and Pietro Maximoff were the only two beings that managed to withstand it. The experiments of Baron Von Strucker bore fruit to give us the Wonder Twins (Sadly, it could not make Quicksilver bulletproof).

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