10 Insane Facts About The Reality Stone You Should Know Before You Watch Infinity War!!!

The Reality Stone first appeared in the form of the Aether in Thor: The Dark World. The Reality Stone’s effects on people and objects were extremely peculiar and volatile. It was used by Malekith to create his Dark Elf army and plunge the world into Eternal Darkness in the past. Right now, the Reality Stone is widely claimed to already be a part of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. Let us take a look as to what makes this Stone so fascinating. Presenting 10 insane facts about the Reality Stone you should know before you watch Infinity War….

It is the most dangerous of all the Infinity Stones

Out of all the Stones, the Power Stone is considered the Strongest but it is the Reality Stone that is considered the most dangerous. The Reality Stone is extremely unpredictable and its effects are by and large permanent. Whatever its wielder wishes, the Reality Stone will act accordingly and it can only be undone of the Stone is used to undo it again.

It can change the laws of the Universe

The Reality Stone is the focal point of all reality manipulation powers. It can create local or universal reality changing fields that can alter the way matter and energy reacts with each other from a microscopic to macroscopic level. The Reality Stone can be used to change the very fabric of the Universe.

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It works best when used along with the Time and Space stones

The Soul Stone Works best when coupled with the Mind Stone. The Power Stone acts as a power amplifier for all the stones and the rest three stones – the Time Stone and Space Stone are coupled together for much better space time manipulation. Thanos already possesses the Space and Reality Stone. All he needs is the Time Stone to complete the coupling.

In the comics, the Dark Elves never laid their hands on the Reality Stone


The MCU showed that the Aether was first used by and in possession of the Dark Elves, ruled by Malekith the Dark Lord. But in the comics, the Reality Stone was never a part of the Dark Elf Empire. It was the Collector who possessed the Stone from the very beginning. The Dark Elves have no say in this.

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It was the easiest to get out of all the Infinity Stones for Thanos

Thanos went on a wild goose chase all across the universe to get his hands on the six Infinity Stones before the events of the Infinity Gauntlet saga. He had to fight for most of them. The Time Stone and the Power Stone were especially hard to get but the Collector just traded off the Reality Stone to Thanos. That is the easiest heist if you ask me.

Adam Warlock gave the stone back to Thanos


Since the Reality Stone tends to be extremely volatile and unpredictable, only a person with enough knowledge and experience who knows the true potential of the Reality Stone’s powers and respects its ability for chaos could use it. Even Warlock knew he doesn’t have the strength to wield it so he gave it to the one guy who knows how to handle the Reality Stone – Thanos.

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It was never in the liquid form

The Reality Stone, in the comic books, is yellow and it was an actual stone. It never was in any liquid form like the way Thor: The Dark World portrayed it to be. Maybe Infinity War will show us its true form when it hits the theaters this week.

It is parasitic in nature

The Reality Stone always looks for a host. It is partially sentient and only allows someone to wield its power after they have bonded together. Slowly and steadily, the stone sucks up the Host’s life force. That is why it is considered the most dangerous of the stones. It can harm not only others but the ones wielding it too.

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It has had the least amount of users

The number of users for the Infinity Stones is humongous. Most of the Infinity Stones have changed hands in the comic books so many times that we have lost count. But in the comic books, the Reality Stone has been wielded and used the least number of times. Only Thanos and Collector have had the stone in their possession with only the former being able to use it in combat.

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Thanos tried to use the Stone to recreate the Universe

Reality Stone

Thanos’ only goal to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet was to use it to win the affection of Lady Death, the embodiment of death in the Marvel universe. When Lady Death did not reciprocate his feelings, Thanos decided to recreate the universe using the Reality Stone. The new universe which he would create would be one where Death loves Thanos unconditionally. Captain Mar-Vell talked him out of it.

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