10 Game of Thrones Predictions That Came True In Season 7

It has been a long ride for the fans of Game of Thrones and with just one season to go the journey is coming to an end. The show has been exciting and thrilling and many theories and predictions have come true till now. The seventh season has been action packed and many characters have come back in full form. Let us take a look at some of the predictions that came true in Game of Thrones season 7.

10. The Hound’s prediction:

10 Game of Thrones Predictions That Came True In Season 7

In season 4 the Hound and Arya are invited at a peasant’s house and offered food and shelter. The hound, however, knocks the man down and steals his silver. Arya is outraged but Hound says that the man is weak and he and his daughter will be dead come winter. Game of Thrones Season 7 showed the Hound’s prediction coming true as the man and his daughter are found dead.

9. Sansa and Arya reunited by Ned:

Both Stark sisters witnessed the execution of their father and it was probably the last time they were together in one place and now when they are both back home it is amazing how they first meet at the crypt of their father. It is almost like Ned brought them back together and it’s time that they both have each other’s backs.

8. “Chaos is a ladder”


The phrase was said by little finger a long time ago and was repeated by Bran this season of Game of Thrones. Littlefinger tried to give Bran the dagger that was meant to kill him trying to convince him that he is on his side. Bran, however, showed him that he knows much more about him that he could ever imagine.


7. Dothraki in open field:

In the first season, Robert Baratheon had a made a statement saying that only a fool would meet Dothraki in an open field. The prediction came true as this season has shown the Dothraki fighting in open field in Westeros. Dothrakis are savages and they don’t fight with any rules which make them deadly just like Robert said.

6. Winter came for House Frey:

The red wedding still remains the most gruesome act in the show. Walder Frey brought the Starks under his roof and killed them. Arya took revenge and has now ended the whole House Frey by poisoning them and slitting Walder Frey’s throat. This is just divine justice!

5. Kingslayer and the mad king:

Jamie is known as the Kingslayer because he killed the mad king Aerys. He remembers how Aerys ordered to “burn them all” before Jaime killed him. Cersei has been doing the exact same thing which proves that she is the mad queen. Whether Jaime will again take action or not remains to be seen but we really wish he becomes the queen slayer now!

4. Reek’s comeback:

Theon Greyjoy has gone through a lot of trauma on the show and it hasn’t been long since he got back his identity and confidence. Ramsey Bolton totally broke him and made him Reek, a person with no confidence and courage. Euron Greyjoy is the new Ramsey Bolton for Theon as he is just as horrifying. In a scene, Theon is faced with the challenge of saving his sister from Euron but he just couldn’t do it and knew he would fail so he flees. This moment brought back Reek and showed how Theon is still broken from inside.

3. The long farewell:

Ellaria Sand killed Myrcella with a poison called ‘the long farewell’ by kissing her. Cersei is known for her horrific revenge but this time she went for the more poetic approach and killed Ellaria’s daughter with the same trick. It was Karma that came back for Ellaria as her daughter suffered just like Myrcella.

2. “That’s’ not you”:

One of the most anticipated reunions was Arya and Nymeria’s but the show played a different card here. This scene established how Nymeria is just like Arya and both of them don’t follow the norm and form their own ways. In a scene from season 1, Ned tells Arya how one day she will be married to a Prince and will live in a castle to which Arya replies “that’s not me”. The same thing happens when Arya tells Nymeria to come along and follow her but when Nymeria doesn’t do that Arya knows it is because that’s just not who Nymeria is. She is a leader, not a follower.


1. Viserion and Viserys:


Dany has named all three of her dragons after people and Viserion are named after her brother Viserys. When Viserys was killed by Drogo, Dany had said that “fire cannot kill a dragon” which meant that Viserys was just not a deserving Targaryen to sit on the throne. It was easily predictable how Viserion would be the dragon to get killed first as he was named after her brother who was killed easily.

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