10 Biggest Plot Holes In The Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world and has the biggest fandom across the world. The movies were great and the books magical but there are some things that cannot be overlooked. If you have watched the movies a million times like most of us then you would know how they have some plot holes here and there.

10. The song choice by Harry and Hermione:

Remember the scene in DH part 1 where Harry and Hermione dance to a sad song? Well even though that scene was beautifully filmed it has a huge plot hole. The song that is played is ‘O children’ by Nick Cave and the bad seeds and came out in 2004 and the events of the last book happen in 1997 so the song wasn’t even released yet.

9. The Millennium Bridge:

Another similar plot hole is the muggle bridge. At the beginning of the movie adaptation of HBP, we see a big bridge collapse because of the death eaters. This scene is crucial as it shows how the muggles got involved in the war and death eaters totally went public. The problem, however, is that the bridge that was used was built in 2000 and is called the ‘millenium bridge’ whereas the events of the movie are supposed to have happened in 1996.

8. Harry using magic outside school:

The books and movies have made it very clear in the past how students are not allowed to use magic outside the school until the age of 17. In POA, however, we see Harry using magic in the very first scene of the movie. He is not trying to protect himself from dementors but merely practicing a spell. This is a plot hole and should not have been there.

7. Voldemort’s timing:

In almost every book and movie in the series, we see that the attack from Voldemort happens at the end of the school year. The reason for this is never explained but Voldy definitely follows the Hogwarts timetable and never interrupts with Harry’s studying and assignments!

6. How did Fred and George get all that money?

In HBP we are introduced to the ‘Weasley wizard wheezes’ joke shop managed by the Weasley twins. The shop is amazing and all the stuff is great but the question is where did the twins get the funds? If you have read the books you would know it was Harry who helped them with the money by giving his Triwizard Tournament money to them.

5. Snape’s Potion riddle:

Almost every teacher has put an obstacle to guard the philosopher’s stone right? We see Prof. Sprout’s Devil’s snare, Prof. McGonagall’s Transfiguration chess, and Prof. Flitwick’s charmed keys. The movie misses Snape’s potion puzzle which would have been interesting to watch. Snape being the potions master puts a table of different potions which contain poison and what not and Harry had to drink one to go through. Hermione comes to the rescue and cracks the code to find the right potion! Even though the movie mentions that Snape is one of the teachers guarding the stone, it never shows how.

4. The mystery of the magic mirror:

Some plot holes in the movies are based on the fact that all the books had not been written by JKR yet and even though she told about all the big plot points to the directors there were things even she might not have decided would become important later. For example, the mirror that saves Harry and friends in the last two movies was given to him in the fifth book by Sirius but this was never shown in the movie. In the last two movies however it magically shows up because now it was important.

3. Lily Potter’s eyes:

We have heard a million times that Harry has his mother’s green eyes right? Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes and because he had some issues wearing colored contacts they didn’t make his eyes green fair enough. They also hired a blue-eyed actress to play the adult Lily and all was still fine. In the last movie, however, we see the younger version of Lily and she has brown eyes! It felt like the makers didn’t care anymore.

2. The Prince’s Tale:

One of the best scenes in the movie is where we see Snape’s memories that prove his love for Lily. In the whole montage, there are scenes from different times in Snape’s life and his memories. One of these memories is Lily telling little Harry to be safe and strong and that she loves him. This scene was simply beautiful but what doesn’t make sense is how Snape could have a memory of it? Snape wasn’t even there when this happened.

 1. Where did Dumbledore find the ring and how did he destroy it?

Harry potter

As we know that the biggest sins in the Potter movies have committed is leaving out the Gaunt family backstory and it backfires in this plot hole. Dumbledore got the ring from the Gaunt family home and tried to destroy it with the sword of Gryffindor. However, he noticed that the ring had the resurrection stone attached to it and so he wore the ring for a second wishing to use the stone’s powers. This backfired as the ring had a curse attached to it that whoever wore it would die and therefore Dumbledore got the curse. This whole explanation was missing from the movies.

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