20 DC Superheroes Who Can Be Much Better Substitutes For Marvel Heroes

While the DC-Marvel war is painful swing, people have been paying more and more attention to superhero fiction. As they watch the mysteries unravel, they realize some heroes are actually not really that good at their job. It is then when we come to the conclusion that someone else could do a better job at it than the ones in the spotlight. Presenting 20 DC Superheroes who could be much better substitutes for Marvel Heroes….

Swamp Thing – Groot

Since Swamp Thing is the avatar of the Green, he has control over all plant life. Groot can only control his own protrusions while Swamp Thing can control everything.

Doctor Fate – Doctor Strange

As the avatar of the Lord of Order, the Helmet of Nabu gives Doctor Fate access to Godlike powers that the Sorcerer Supreme can only dream of. Remember that fight between Dormammu and Strange in the movie’s climax? Fate wouldn’t even have needed a Time Stone to do the job.

Red Hood – Winter Soldier

Both believe in extreme justice. But only one has his head in the right place. The Winter Soldier’s history is filled with darkness. Red Hood may be a troubled lad but he is still the good guy when it counts.

Martian Manhunter – Vision

Man vs. Machine – the ultimate showdown. Vision has a lot of powers in the comic books but he still comes nowhere near to Martian Manhunter’s prowess. The latter’s telepathic abilities alone are enough to take out the entire Avengers.

Green Lantern – Nova

Both belong to an Inter-Galactic policing Organization. But all Nova can do is shoot and fly. Green Lantern owns the most powerful weapon in the universe. He can do virtually anything with his ring through sheer willpower alone.

Zatanna – Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, in the comic books, is an emotionally unstable individual. She has a vast array of powers but she fails to use them effectively. She once wiped out almost the entire human population while on a temper tantrum. Zatanna’s powers are arguably much weaker than Scarlet Witch’s but she has better control over them (Besides she is way hotter!!!).

Deathstroke – The Punisher

The Punisher kills. So does Deathstroke. But the term Anti-Hero is best used to describe the latter. Frank Castle has a habit of doing things extremely sloppily. As a globetrotting mercenary, Deathstroke believes in a clean and efficient mode of business.

Heatwave – Pyro

Pyro is an on-again, off-again mutant superhero. So is Heatwave. He recently got metahuman powers to create and control fire while Pyro can only manipulate already existing flames. Heatwave also has a background in crime which aids him in stopping other criminals.

Cyborg – Jarvis

All Jarvis does is talk and coordinate. Cyborg can do that in his sleep. Besides Jarvis is just an AI. Cyborg is a sentient supercomputer that can serve and protect in the battlefield as well when the situation demands it.

The Flash – Quicksilver

This is absolutely a no-contest decision. The Flash is so fast he once evacuated the entire population of Central City within one pico-second. Quicksilver may look cool, but his powers aren’t anywhere near Barry Allen’s. Besides Barry has been the Flash even before the concept of Quicksilver was born.

Beast Boy – Reptil

Reptil can access the powers of the entire extinct population of dinosaurs. Beast Boy can do that and much more. While Animal Man is a better replacement, we prefer Beast Boy because he is about the same age as Reptil.

Wonder Woman – Lady Sif

As an Asgardian, Lady Sif has been taught in the ways of War like no other Man or Woman has ever been. Or is it? Wonder Woman is a Demi-Goddess and one of the strongest beings on Earth. She also has had more experience in the Superhero business than Sif ever did.

Hawk Man – Falcon

Hawk Man is a Thanagarian Warrior and a literal Bird Man. Falcon has been part of the Avengers for a long time. But take away his flight harness and he is a sitting duck. Hawk Man also has access to Nth Metal.

Superman – The Hulk

Mindless Beast who roars and smashes stuff with a guy who can literally fly so fast he can turn back time – touch decision? Put the fanaticism aside for a bit and think. Decide for yourselves.

Batman – Iron Man

The Genius Playboy and Philanthropist is not just used to Describe Iron Man. Bruce Wayne is all those things too. Tony Stark uses powered Armors. Batman also has used several exoskeleton powered suits in the past. But what set Batman apart from Tony is his martial arts prowess and his ability to think like a master strategist and tactician.

Orion – Thane

Thane is the son of Thanos. Orion is the son of Darkseid. While Thanos was ripped off of Darkseid, Thane is an original production. Thane has yet to discover his allegiance, Orion is already a well known New God Superhero. People still don’t know if he is the hero or the villain. Thane killed Thanos in Marvel’s Infinity arc. Orion has also killed his own father in one DC’s Countdown.

Shazam – Thor

The God of Lightning is just what he is. A single God! What would he do against a guy who is literally powered by seven of them!!! Thor and Shazam are quite similar. Thor uses the civilian identity of Donald Blake, a crippled Doctor. Shazam’s secret identity is Billy Batson, a middle-school going kid. And that is what makes Shazam so awesome. His ability to do good far surpasses that of Thor’s.

Green Arrow – Hawkeye

Hawkeye has always been a Superhero (or as long as we can remember). Although an Avenger, Hawkeye has one fatal flaw – He is a Shield Agent and if Shield refuses to give him resources, he won’t be able to don his mask again. Later, Shield forsakes him and Tony becomes his benefactor but the equation stays the same. Oliver Queen is not just the CEO of Queen Consolidated; he is also the master of his own actions.

Elongated Man – Mr. Fantastic

marvel heroes

Sure you can invent the ultimate nullifier but can you solve the world’s greatest murder mystery? Elongated Man is a true superhero. He is one of the most gifted detectives on the planet. Mr. Fantastic can do science. Elongated Man could actually find the culprit even before Mr. Fantastic sets his eyes on the Microscope to match fingerprints.

Catwoman – Black Cat

DC Superheroes

Catwoman is not just a superhero (almost), she also did something Black Cat never could – marry the love of his life. Selina Kyle is also a better burglar and has also occasionally helped Batman save Gotham and even the World sometimes. Black Cat only looks hot but her actions do not speak as loud as Miss Kyle’s do.

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