18 Action Heroes Who Don’t Need Superpowers To Kick Ass

Action Heroes have been around Hollywood much before Superheroes took a foothold in the industry and changed the equations. More than a Hundred years of Hollywood has given us some iconic action heroes, some so famous they became household names. These guys don’t need to fly or lift a truck to spread their gospel. Give them anything – a gun, a knife, a shovel or even a pencil and they will show everyone why people flock to them. Presenting 15 Action Heroes who don’t need superpowers to kick ass…

Jason Bourne

‘The Most Dangerous Man on Earth’ – that was what the CIA termed him to be. Jason Bourne has been on the run, fought through scores of agents like it was a walk in the park and made the World’s most premier intelligence agency look like an idiot multiple times.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a man with a dark past. He used to be a part of an American Black Ops team sent to the most dangerous parts of the world to carry out ‘Wet-Works’ missions. He returns to his neighborhood to see crime taking a foothold and decides to do something about it.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is the eponymous action hero. The Jack Reacher novels and the movies show how easily he could kick ass and come out unscathed. His fighting prowess is legendary and his experience with firearms formidable.

The Transporter

When Jason Statham takes on a role, you gotta pay attention. The Transporter is a guy who moonlights as a driver/ criminal getaway driver. But that is only scratching the surface. When things go south, the Transporter can be a beast of a man to get what he wants.

The Accountant

Christian Wolf is autistic and an action hero. He is an inspiration to many that with hard work and dedication, even your body has to bend to your will. As the Accountant, Christian Wolf is trained in several martial arts techniques and use of other weaponry. He also happens to be really, really god at accounting (duh!!).

Chan Kwok Wing

New Police Story is the story of a Senior Police Inspector losing his dignity after his entire team is massacred by a group of criminal teenage adventure junkies. After quite a bit of self loathing and a bout with alcoholism, Wing then decides to grab the hammer and that’s when the action begins.

The Shooter

Bob Lee Swagger is a retired American Sniper and a distinguished war veteran. When he is framed for trying to assassinate the President, he goes on the run and kills every person responsible for his predicament.

John Wick

This guy needs no introduction. He lost his dog and toppled an entire Criminal Organization on a temper tantrum. John wick is not a killer. He is THE killer. Do not mess with him (or his dog… seriously stay away from his dog!!!).


Lucy was an ordinary woman who became a drug mule and was sent to China. The Experimental Drug that was placed inside her body started to leak and enhanced her brain and body. She then becomes a living, breathing supercomputer and a lean, mean fighting machine.


The Raid series is known for its incredible action sequences that even Hollywood would find hard to replicate. Rama is a normal Police Officer with extraordinary martial arts prowess who goes undercover as all hell breaks loose.

James Bond

We bet you started humming the theme song, didn’t you?!?! James Bond is the perfect British Spy and Womanizer extraordinaire. His fighting abilities are not as refined as the rest but he more than makes up for it with his skills in Espionage.

The Bride

The Bride, played by Uma Thurman, is the woman to watch out for. Give her a Katana and she will literally slice through an army to get to you. If The Bride has a grudge against you, God save your soul.

Xander Cage

The XXX series of movies gave us a lot of action scenes. Xander Cage aka the original XXX wasn’t much of a fighter. What he did score in was crazy and insane stunts and a general knack for attitude.

Bryan Mills

You may know him better as the father in the ‘Taken’ series of movies. No one knows who or what Bryan was before her daughter was kidnapped. But God forbid if anyone comes in his way, he will go past them like a hot knife through butter.

John McClane

Yippee Ki Yay MotherF*cker!!! As a fan of the Die Hard series, John McClane had to make this list. McClane is a Police Officer who finds himself in all sorts of incredibly dangerous situations but comes out the victor, always.

Ethan Hunt

Ethan Hunt is the lead in the Mission Impossible series of movies. Ethan is a master spy, fighter, sabotage specialist, the explosives expert, firearms expert, infiltration extraordinaire and a host of other skills he has acquired.

Luke Hobbs

Oh Boy. Is any list ever complete without including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? The Rock became a true action superstar only after joining the Fast & Furious franchise as the muscular and humongous giant with an attitude – Luke Hobbs.

The Hitman

Action Heroes

A genetically engineered human being by a secret organization to be the perfect contract killer, Agent 47 aka the titular Hitman is trained from birth in just one field – to Kill. No matter how unfavorable the odds are, the bullet that leaves Agent 47’s gun always finds its target.

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