Flash Season 4: Bart Allen ‘Impulse’ To Appear Soon

The Flash has already teased the Future Flash, and we didn’t even notice it. No, we are not talking about Barry’s emo version from the future, that is not what we want the future Flash to be like, nor will that be the future Flash. There has also been a future version of Barry from Legends of Tomorrow, where Barry from 2056 warns them about Savitar.

new barry allen the flash season 4

In the comic books, the future Flash is actually Barry Allen from 20+ years from the future, who has a very much more stronger connection with the speed force and emits blue lightning which tells how strong he really has gotten. But even that is not going to be the ultimate version of the future Flash, that version actually is Bart Allen. Bart again has already been teased in the CW’s Flash TV show.

Bart is from the 30th century, even further from where Eobard Thawne is. But how they teased this in the TV show is in episode 20-21 of season 3. Where Barry loses his memory and thinks his name should be Bart Allen, which is way more cooler than Barry. “Can we go by Bart? Bart feels more natural to me”, says Barry. And Wally agrees, that it sure is cool. It was a really good tease, telling the fans that not now, not in this season, but yeah sure sometime in the future Bart Allen will make an appearance, who goes by the name, Impulse.

He was born to Eobard Thawne’s descendant Melany Thawne and Dawn Allen, Barry’s son. There he gets very ill as his fast metabolism starts eating him up and one is able to cure him, so he’s sent back in the past where Wally challenges him to a race to a race around the world, because of which he gave out a burst of speed energy, that cured him.

But we think we’ll have to wait for that to happen, not until season 5 at least as there are already too many Flashes to handle. Let us know in the comments below about what you feel will be the course of action till we see the Ultimate Future Flash.

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