5 Insane Things You Never Knew About THANOS

Thanos is a mad Titan, an exceptionally strong being, way more powerful than any of the Avengers alone, but he still loses to them. Why is it so? Here are answers to that question and some more facts about the mighty Thanos.

He Killed His Kids

gamora and nebula can defeate thanos in avengers infinity war

Thanos has a serious problem, keeping his business in his pants. The outcome of which is that he has several illegitimate children across the universe. And he has killed every single one of them, killing them wasn’t evil enough for Thanos, he destroys the very planet they live on.

He has numerous Clones

Thanos, well he can’t depend on his children, so what does he do now? Simple, he creates clones of himself. Looking exactly the same, some varying in shapes and size though his clones fight his battles before he himself faces his enemies. He has also created clones by mixing his DNA with very powerful characters such as Galactus and Charles Xavier.

His Power Set

Thanos is an insanely powerful Titan. He is way more strong in brute strength than Thor and Hulk which doesn’t make him slow either. He has such fast reflexes that he has been known to save himself from Silver Surfer’s blows faster than the speed of light. Also, he can manipulate energy, teleport and use telepathy. And of course, he has the Infinity Gauntlet.

He Was Tried To Murder As A Child

We believe killing the offsprings runs in the family, Thanos the child of two Eternals, was born a deviant and was immediately tried to kill by his mother. When that didn’t work his grandfather Kronos and father Mentor created a being with the sole purpose to kill Thanos, this guy later came to be known as Drax- The Destroyer.

Thanos Doesn’t Want To Rule The Universe

He has no desire to rule the universe, it’s just that he once met death, and fell in love with her. She told him that the universe is severely overpopulated and he immediately killed half of the universe. He has an inert desire to lose. It’s just that, all that he’s doing, he’s doing because he wants to “court Death”. Oh, just by the way Deadpool also is Death’s lover.

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