Solo: A Star Wars Story – Name of The Real Villain Finally Revealed!!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is only months away yet news about the movie’s supposed plot line is next to nothing. Apart from the trailer, we have absolutely no concrete source of news as to how the movie will feature our favorite interstellar smuggler and his adventures. Fans were unsure about even the actual villain of the movie. There were several competing theories. There have been multiple guesses. And now, it looks like the villain extraordinaire is someone we never ever expected after all. A recent Solo: A Star Wars Story merchandise release may have finally revealed the name of the real villain of the movie!!

Star Wars is one of the oldest franchises on the planet. As a half a century old movie series, it has given us iconic characters that lay both at the two ends of the character spectrum. Star Wars has popularized the fact that Villains can be as cool as the hero too. Luke Skywalker is the hero of the Galaxy far, far away. Although when you hear Star Wars, the first guy that comes to mind ain’t Luke but Darth Vader. Such is the effect of an eponymous villain that it becomes the very face of a multi-billion dollar franchise even though he didn’t even feature in many of its recent blockbuster movies.

Darth Maul, Grand Moff Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine and our very own Kylo Ren, who perhaps is the greatest anti-hero ever in the movie making industry, are compelling villains and have set the bar very, very high. So the Solo movie villain will have to take it up a notch if it hopes to stand a chance to become as memorable.

Lucas Films finally released some news regarding the Solo movie – Han’s and his circle of friends were explored in detail in Lucas Films’ official announcement. Though the movie’s big bad world has been kept under wraps and is considered top secret, the Star Wars overlords have finally given us a name. I will give you a hint – Remember the Han Solo Western style shoot out scene in the teaser trailer?? The Villain was in it. And no, it is not Moloch.

Yakface, A Star Wars fan site and aggregator did some of its own research into the movie’s villain’s whereabouts. After taking a closer look at some Solo movie bottle toppers available at select Goldenlink locations, Yakface came to the conclusion that the toppers that feature Han, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian’s droid L3-37, an Imperial range trooper also featured another as of yet unknown character that could be the big bad of the movie. The one we are talking about goes by the name ENFYS NEST. Believe it or not, it is Enfys Nest behind the weird mask in the Solo trailer’s old western shootout scene. Enfys Nest is actually Moloch’s real name!

Some initial leaks from Solo movie Stickers claim that Enfys is actually a speeder pilot within the Imperial army. And no, it is not the location Emlys Nest if that’s what you are thinking (it’s not a typo). Han and Enfys also race within the trailer. That Han and Q’ira scene racing around the urban circuit in a speeder was not just coincidence. Rumors say Enfys is actually the one chasing them as Han tries to get away. Previous leaks also claim that the name ‘Moloch’ isn’t actually real. It was made up to distract the fans from the real baddie. Enfys Nest has never been a part of Star Wars before, neither in the canon or non canon sources. He is a completely new character and hopefully, a welcome addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Enfys is also the one battling Tobias Beckett, Han’s mentor, on the top of the train in the Super Bowl trailer of the movie. From what we know, Tobias, Han and the rest are trying to land a big score by robbing the Conveyex. Enfys will play a large role in trying to foil their plan. But if he is indeed the villain, then he will also be harboring an ulterior and nefarious motif of his own to get things done. He doesn’t just look cool in that helmet. If the rumors are true, Enfys Nest could actually set the bar higher than Kylo Ren.

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