5 Most Shocking Deaths of Wolverine in The Comics

Wolverine is somewhat indestructible because of his regenerative gene. But that does not mean that he has never died. In fact, he has died in some horrible ways (because it’s comics). Here are the 5 most horrible ones he suffered:

Death By Torture:

When Wolverine faced the villain Contagion and his cronies The Unkillables, he was offered two choices. Either he killed Contagion’s son Flip who was suffering from a deadly disease that caused him constant pain or becomes the human guinea pig whom all types of experiments would be put on ( to find a cure for Flip). Wolverine chose the latter and died more times than one can count. His regeneration ability always brought him back but the hero was shot, poisoned, exploded, torn apart, stabbed with millions of tiny needles, and generally tortured in every horrible way.

Killed By Sentinel:

In the comic Days Of Future Past, the Sentinels have taken over Earth, killing both mutants and humans alike. Wolverine is one of the few remaining X-men members who has survived. The team sends Kitty Pryde to go into the past to warn the mutants about the deadly future. Wolverine gets evaporated by a Sentinel’s energy beam when he attempts to distract the robot beings while Pryde goes on her journey.

Eaten by Zombies:

In Marvel’s Zombie series, Wolverine could not defend himself from the mega zombie powers of Captain America, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and a handful of other zombies all biting him at once. He ended up becoming an undead and nor regenerating because of the zombie virus.

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