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Here’s The One Fighter Who Does Not Need Superpowers To Defeat Batman

The Dark Knight is a very interesting character. There are not a lot of superheroes out there who have the gall to stand beside Gods and still be as badass as Bruce Wayne is. The idea behind the Batman was to give rage a face and a symbol so that the criminals could project their fear on something. Bruce wanted to put the fear of God in them and make sure that they would never want to commit crimes again. To do this he went through hellish training to transform into the Batman. It almost worked, after all, there are some things that you can’t learn in training. This fact is substantiated by a new Batman comic. DC revealed the one fighter who does not need superpowers to defeat Batman. Let me break down the situation for you.

Writer Tom King and artist David Marquez brought us a wonderful new Batman story in Batman: The Killing Time #3. This story follows Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and Killer Croc as they join forces to pull off a heist. The target? A small box inside the vault in Wayne Manor. It is not an easy job but something that the supervillains could only hope to pull off together. They do succeed in stealing the small box by distracting Batman with Killer Croc and making him the fall guy. But when Batman finds out what has happened he loses his shit. It doesn’t matter though, Catwoman and Riddler have already betrayed Penguin and the villain group is starting to implode. But no one could have anticipated that a new character will show up in this chaos.


The One Fighter Who Does Not Need Superpowers

In the latter half of this issue, The Penguin hires an assassin to take revenge on Catwoman and The Riddler. This assassin is a bald old guy in a tux, holding a cane. He seems quite harmless and is only known as The Help. This is very suspicious and the readers would have their reserves while trying to assess the character. But his skills become readily apparent in the next few pages of the issue. The Batman encounters this character when he has already shot the Riddler with a bullet from his cane. Batman begins to engage The Help but is not able to land a single blow on this old man.


The fighter who does not need superpowers

Perplexed, The Dark Knight continues to bust out one move after another but he can’t seem to hit this mysterious assassin at all. This character just dances around Bruce, avoiding each of his attacks with amazing precision and a laid-back attitude. It is almost amazing to see someone toying around with The Batman with this level of skill. The Help is some sort of a master assassin who has trained or battled all of Batman’s masters. He isolates and identifies every single one of Bruce’s moves. The Help name drops Ducard, Ra’s al Ghul, David Cain, Wildcat, and even Black Canary before beating Batman half to death.


He assures Bruce that it is nothing personal and that he is simply here on business. The character is intrigued by Batman’s skill and even leaves him his card. He notes that Batman is “really close to being good” and that if he wants to achieve that threshold then he should seek the help of The Help. This seems like a very interesting addition to the Batman mythos. Another teacher for Batman in his younger days might not be a bad idea. Especially if the writers wish to make The Help a permanent Batman villain or recurring character.


The Consequences

The Help is the one fighter who does not need superpowers to defeat The Batman. Batman’s superpowers have never been his money or his fighting skills, it is his strategic and tactical mind. There is very little anyone can do about that. Batman has a plan to neutralize every Justice League member if they were to go rogue. He is in the habit of dealing with folks that are more powerful than him. It doesn’t matter. This won’t be the first time that Batman is beaten to the ground. But what is important is that he will rise again, no matter what.


Do you think that The Help is a solid addition to the Batman mythos or does he only seem like an arbitrary character for Bruce to fight?

What are your thoughts on this fighter who does not need superpowers to defeat the Batman? Let us know what you think down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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