Dragon Ball Super: Piccolo Declares Gohan Is Stronger Than Goku

OMG, Dragon Ball Super just dropped a bombshell! Gohan is stronger than Goku! Say what?! According to the smartest fighter in the series, Piccolo, Gohan has always had the most potential out of all the Z-Fighters, but his lack of commitment and training has always held him back. But Piccolo believes that Gohan can still surpass his father.


So, in Chapter #91 of Dragon Ball Super, which marks the start of the Super Hero Arc, Piccolo is taking care of Pan, Gohan, and Videl’s daughter, while her parents are busy with work. And after seeing that Pan has the right spirit, Piccolo decides to train her in martial arts, just like he did with Gohan. During a training session, Pan asks if it’s true that Gohan could be stronger than Goku, and Piccolo says yes, but “maybe not right now.” Gohan’s potential has been a recurring theme in Dragon Ball Z, especially since he showed explosive power whenever he got angry as a kid.


But despite that, Gohan’s peaceful nature made it hard for him to get angry and tap into that power. However, Goku recognized Gohan’s potential and trusted him to defeat Cell. During the Majin Buu Saga, Gohan neglected his training again, but the Supreme Kai helped him awaken his latent potential and become the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball Z. In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan has been mostly focused on his academic and research job, but he did pull his weight during the Tournament of Power.


However, he still fell behind Goku and Vegeta in terms of strength. But Piccolo helped Gohan get back into shape before the tournament, and he’s also Gohan’s original mentor. So, when Piccolo says that Gohan could be stronger than Goku, we should take it seriously. Fans who have seen Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero know that Piccolo’s words in Chapter #91 are foreshadowing Gohan’s new transformation later in the arc. But even if Gohan does become stronger than Goku, it might not be right away.


Plus, we still have to wait and see for sure if Gohan’s new transformation will make him stronger than Goku. Overall, this is a big development in the Dragon Ball Super universe, and fans are already buzzing about it. Will Gohan finally live up to his full potential and surpass his father? Only time will tell. But for now, we can’t wait to see how Gohan’s training with Piccolo and his new transformation will play out in the Super Hero Arc.

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