Fantastic Four – Sue Storm Finds a Sexy Use of Her Powers in the Bedroom

Fantastic Four – Sue Storm Powers

The one thing that the MCU doesn’t really pick up a whole lot of is the sexy romance between characters in the comics. Ever since Disney took over (after Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk), the MCU has maintained an extremely family friendly image. The only naughty dialogues and phrases that they’ve used in the films are those that go over children’s heads. But it’s a good thing that at least the comics continue to keep things spicy every now and then.

In the latest issue of Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1 (by Mark Waid, Neal Adams, Mark Farmer and Laura Martin), Reed & Sue Storm juggle with the responsibilities of being parents and full-time world saviours as a part of the Fantastic Four. After the team pushes Annihilus back into the Negative Zone, Reed & Sue return to the Baxter Building so that they could spend more family time with their children, Franklin & Valeria. Reed plays with Valeria for a tiny bit, but then he goes into his lab trying to take preventive measures for an upcoming threat. He talks to Sue about dropping the kids with a baby sitter for the upcoming weekend.

Since Reed’s children are not ordinary, they choose Agatha Harkness as their caretaker because she is powerful enough to save them from any potential threats. When they meet Agatha on the weekend, Sue & Agatha get to talking about Reed being more preoccupied than ever. Susan was bummed that Reed just isn’t able to find a good work-life balance.

After leaving the kids with Agatha, Sue reminds Reed of their date night. When she sees that Reed is still more focused on science, she does something that would get the attention of every straight man on Earth. The readers see Sue use her powers to make her costume appear invisible over her totally visible body. No matter how much Reed loves science, he couldn’t have stuck with it after seeing Susan’s sudden wardrobe change. I’m going to leave the rest upon your own imagination.

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