Marvel Released New Captain America: Civil War Concept Art And It’s FANTASTIC

Captain America:Civil War has been one of the biggest releases for 2016. It raked in $1 billion in global revenue and is the fourth highest box office total for any film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coming behind Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Avengers. The movie was recently released on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD and fans can now watch all aspects of the film as its being made. Marvel has also released five concept arts from the movie.

civil war

Movies, before they are shot are first converted into concept art to literally visualize how a scene or film is to be shot from movie scripts. These are the technical area which is super important for the movie to be shot. And when it comes to superhero movies dealing with action, concept art tends to get the feel of how it should go.

captain america


The newly released Civil War art feature Iron Man landing at the secret Hydra base,Scarlet Witch  saving Captain America from the suicide vest of Crossbones , Bucky getting his metal arm blown off, and the Captain sparring with Black Panther.Many of the images are scene to scene accurate as seen in the film.But there are a few pieces that seem to have been cut or not shot for the movie at all.Maybe this is due to budget or the scene just not working for the screen as it often happens in most movies.

civil-war-concept-art-iron-man-hydra-facility civil war

The new concept art has left many to wonder what Civil War would have been so like. What if Iron Man did land on Hydra like in the art, how awesome would that look! But as mentioned earlier, filmmakers are professionals and what may translate in a still photo or concept art may not always be the case when dealing with moving pictures.All in all, the finished product was still an amazing movie.One of the best Marvel ever released, so there are no regrets there.

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