The Winter To-Do List



The colder months can have the best of even the bravest and most determined wanderers. While everyone likes spending the days cooped up in bed, there is also no time like the winter months to reorganize and discover. With winter fast approaching, here are a few things you can do, other than hibernating in your house all season long.



When it comes to food, winter is as good as it gets. Try and locate food festivals, which pop up everywhere in the winter months and are the best way to sample mouthwatering local and foreign cuisine.

P.S. The extra layers of clothing are the perfect accomplice to hide any extra pounds you might put on!


Winter is the perfect time to shop the streets minus the harassing sun. May it be a second-hand book market or clothing and accessories; nothing beats the satisfaction and adrenaline rush of a good bargain hunt. So shop till you drop!
Explore the city


Every city has many a undiscovered spots full of old-world charm. So this winter, get out and explore the city that you live in and yet know little of. With Google Maps by your side, who knows what you might find!
Catch up on TV shows


Buried in a pile of blankets and your favorite shows with the right snacks and a hot cup of coffee is the way to go! With many shows returning from hiatus, the supply of content will be abundant for sure.


Since winter is essentially vacation time for all, it is the best time to bond with friends and family while also checking off a destination from your travel wish list. Snow or sun, you are bound to have fun and make everlasting memories!

Get Fit


It might not be the easiest thing to get yourself out of the warm comfort of your home but it’s worth a shot, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk early in the morning or an indoor Pilates session from YouTube. Your body will thank you for it as the warmer months come around.
Try Something New


This is a fun one, open to multiple interpretations. Just pick one action or habit that you want to inculcate in your life. It might be reading the newspaper, learning how to sing or play the guitar or even an internship. Research suggests that if you do something everyday for 21 days, it becomes a habit and with all the down-time in the winter months, it’s an opportunity like no other.




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