• FitnessPhoto of 4 Amazing Fat Burning Activities To Do In Winter

    4 Amazing Fat Burning Activities To Do In Winter

    I’m sure many of you made some vows/resolutions to get in shape during 2017. But with the cold temps and the short amount of daylight, it might be difficult to get/stay motivated. Here are four fat burning activities to do in winter, that will raise your heart rate and burn off those calories you accumulated over the holidays. Shovel Snow Depending…

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  • NewsPhoto of Best Things to do in Kolkata during Winter

    Best Things to do in Kolkata during Winter

    Kolkata is one of the few Indian cities where winter feels special. Though this yesteryear colonial city throbs with activities round the year, winter is full of joy for foodies and wanderers in Kolkata. The following list of the best things to do in Kolkata during winter will add a zing to your holiday.   Biting Sandesh and Rosogolla  …

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  • NewsPhoto of 4 Essential Winter Hacks

    4 Essential Winter Hacks

      Winter is the time when we all want to wear our huge comfy sweaters and snuggle up in our warm blankets with a bowl of soup. All of this while we watch our favourite TV series. This paints a pretty comforting picture doesn’t it? Did you know that there are ways to make it even better? Here are some…

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  • NewsPhoto of The Winter To-Do List

    The Winter To-Do List

        The colder months can have the best of even the bravest and most determined wanderers. While everyone likes spending the days cooped up in bed, there is also no time like the winter months to reorganize and discover. With winter fast approaching, here are a few things you can do, other than hibernating in your house all season…

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  • NewsPhoto of 5 Winter Stresses Most of Us Have

    5 Winter Stresses Most of Us Have

    Granted that winter doesn’t bring with it sweaty armpits and sunburnt faces, did you know that winter isn’t all soup and coziness? It has its ways of making you hate yourself and your body. Here are some of the winter stresses many of us face: Dandruff Don’t get me started on this. In the summers, my hair is a shiny…

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