Best Things to do in Kolkata during Winter

Kolkata is one of the few Indian cities where winter feels special. Though this yesteryear colonial city throbs with activities round the year, winter is full of joy for foodies and wanderers in Kolkata. The following list of the best things to do in Kolkata during winter will add a zing to your holiday.


Biting Sandesh and Rosogolla



The first thing to do in Kolkata during winter is to have a plateful of nolen gurer sandesh and rosogolla. Needless to say, sandesh and rosogolla are the staple sweets of Bengal and available throughout the year. But these sweets made of date palm jaggery instead of sugar are winter specials. The taste of nolen gurer sandesh and rosogolla is so delicious that you will go gaga over it. Evidently you must have them in Kolkata during winter.

Walking on a Sunny Morning 



A walk across the cityscape is another must thing to do in Kolkata during winter. The city boasts a beautiful landscape dotted with historical buildings of the British era and trams plying on streets. A walk on a sunny winter morning will not only warm you up but also give you glimpses of life in Kolkata. Take a walk from the Howrah Bridge to the Dalhousie area where the Writers Building, one of the yesteryear colonial buildings, stands tall.

Having Smoking Hot Snacks



Both winter mornings and evenings are wonderful for foodies in Kolkata. The city offers many smoking hot dishes to warm you up in the thick of winter. If the mornings feel hot with bites of kochuri stuffed with peas masala, the evenings are spicy with smoking hot chicken / egg rolls and chowmein. Though Kolkata is a cosmopolitan city, tea enjoys preference over coffee. Sipping tea from a clay pot at a roadside stall is naturally a must thing to do in Kolkata during winter.

Boating on the River Ganga



Take a boat ride on the River Ganga (known as Hooghly in Kolkata) to breathe in the fresh morning air and soak in the warmth of the winter sun. Boats ferry between the Dakshineswar Kali Temple and the Belur Math, two prime tourist places on opposite sides of the river. It is a beautiful part of a wintry day in the City of Joy.

Romancing with Books



If you are traveling to Kolkata in the last week of January, Kolkata International Book Fair is a must visit. Various cultural programs and panel discussions among eminent invitees including authors and artists are held on the fair ground.

The fair is a window to the merchandise of books from distinguished publishers from across the world. It is a good time to catch a few glimpses of Bengali culture during the book fair. The ambience of the fair ground is musical with live performance by noted regional artists.

If you are left with sometime after a fair indulgence in the abovementioned joyous activities in the City of Joy during your winter vacation, do go out to Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan, where Poush Fair is cultural extravaganza. Shantiniketan is a 3hour train travel from Kolkata.




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