Who Is The Most Dangerous Marvel Character?

Marvel Universe has over hundreds of characters and some of them are really dangerous. But the question is who is the most deadly of all?

Even a relatively creaky-clean character like Captain America has tormented up seven deaths, but more unembellished body counts are several times that amount.

Human Torch, Captain America, Mr. Sinister, Collective, X-Men, Malekith, Mystique, Vulcan, Green Goblin, Cyclops, and Moon Knight are considered dangerous with the death toll of 6,6,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,8,8 in the same order. Sinister and Collective have majorly killed heroes, while Human Torch, Captain America, X-Men, and moon Knight have killed Villains.

Then there are characters like, Archangel, Bullseye, Venom, Black Widow, Magneto, Iron Man, X-23, Sabretooth, Thor and Namor who are considered Deadly. They are considered because of the number of deaths they are responsible for.


However, in spite of all these deaths, they still haven’t got the top spot. The top spot goes to none other than, but Wolverine, at 46 kills. Wolverine’s competition Deadpool is at 36 and the Punisher is at 34.

most dangerous marvel character

Wolverine’s deaths have mostly been villains, though an occasional hero like Jean Grey has grassed in too. Most villains have killed more heroes and vice-versa. I guess that’s how it is supposed to be. But the most differentiated on each side are Collective, who has killed only heroes and neutral characters, and X-Man, who has killed only villains. So, this is a little deviation from the regular course.


Collateral damage from a Hulk rampage or Tony Stark’s weapons going to war-torn countries wouldn’t count, right?. Even still, Stark has killed more heroes as compared to villains at a 5-to-1 margin, so that mortified conscience isn’t getting relieved any time soon.

So, looking at the figures, it looks like that Wolverine is the undisputed winner. And we definitely have got all the reasons to believe this. After all figures..oops I mean stats don’t lie.

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