Who Has Thor’s Mjolnir In Ragnarok? The Answer Will Shock You

Odin had created Mjolnir. A Hammer so powerful, it could wield and control thunder and lightning. A weapon so majestic that not anyone but the one worthy of it could truly own it. The first Thor movie saw the hero struggle to take ownership of the weapon, then fully gain its power by the movie’s  end. Thor and Mjolnir are two things that have stuck together through thick and thin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So how did Thor lose his prized possession in Ragnarok?

It has been speculated that the God Of Thunder will lose out his weapon to Hela in Ragnarok. Thor’s weapon is taken in the beginning of Ragnarok and because of this loss, the hero has to go into the Grandmaster’s arena stripped of his signature tool. Since the arena houses some of the most powerful gladiators in the universe [including The Hulk], Thor struggles to find his bearing.

The new concept art for Avengers: Infinity Stone also showcases Thor wielding another weapon, a battle axe that many have thought to be Jarnbjorn. Does this mean the end of Mjolnir? Not really since Thor is again seen with his hammer in another scene from the sneak peek trailer for Infinity War. This inconsistency may also show the mental state of Thor, as he would have to have changed a lot for Mjolnir to have been taken away.


Since the two scenes from Infinity War have been published as sneak previews, it may be a calculated move on Marvel’s part to cause curiosity for the state of Mjolnir. The studio’s little tease could also indicate that Hela is not just in Thor Infinity Ragnarok, and could have a major part that Marvel is holding as a secret. The possibility of Infinity War could prove the speculation of Hela being a dual part, a combination with Thanos love Lady Death since Hela is also a Goddess of Death in the Asgardian world.

Amy Fanai

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