Marvel Comics Update – [SPOILER] Kills Thanos in ‘Infinity Wars Prime’ Arc

Thanos is not called the Mad Titan for anything. He is perhaps the strongest, smartest and fiercest rival the Earth’s mightiest heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have ever faced. Thanos is the stuff of legends when it comes to villainy. Can any superhero or any other being for that matter even think of defeating the Mad Titan when he possesses the Infinity Gauntlet? Turns out, there is. A particular comic book arc has been released that had been under much speculation even before it was launched. It showed Thanos being killed right in front of the reader’s eyes!! Presenting – Marvel Comics Update – [SPOILER] kills Thanos in ‘Infinity Wars Prime’ arc!!!

Infinity War Prime introduces us to a brand new world. Marvel’s most anticipated comic book arc is here and it shows Thanos being killed by a mysterious new villain shrouded in all black secrecy. The Villain is known by the name Requiem and he is one hell of a dude. Know why? Because he just slit his throat in broad daylight and no one knows why!!

The comic book story arc reveals to us the villain Requiem in all his badass glory. As it turns out, Requiem is a big name in not just one but multiple universes. He is apparently known as the Angel of Death within the multiverse’s highest circles. Requiem is known to be a galactic level badass and he has just unmasked himself to show everyone what his true identity is. He is known everywhere but the Earth 616 or the mainstream Marvel timeline because of the destruction and rebirth saga of the Infinity Stones Requiem has managed to do something even the Avengers, which includes beings like Hulk and Thor, couldn’t do. He killed Thanos and that too, single-handedly.

Requiem did not just kill Thanos. He also took hold of the entire Chitauri army under his payroll. Now the whole alien armada is his to command and all thanks to a lifeless Thanos lying dead on the ground. Thanos was killed right by Requiem right before the new Infinity Watch entered the scene. Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Turk Barrett along with Black Widow are all the new Infinity Watch and all of them are petrified with the sight they see before their eyes. They see a headless corpse of Thanos lying in Chitauri Prime along with a heap of dead bodies of Chitauri infantry soldiers. It is confirmed. Thanos is dead and someone else has replaced him. Someone far more sinister now holds the fate of the entire universe in his hands. Requiem soon ambushes the Infinity Watch.

Requiem is soon taken down by the good guys. But the violent and awesome Rocket Raccoon is quick to take a shot at the bad guy (quite literally). Rocket accidentally hits Requiem’s mask which comes clean off from the resulting energy shockwave. It is then that we learn about the true identity of Requiem the Thanos Killer. It is none other than Gamora. The Green Assassin, who is considered the most dangerous women in the universe, has finally completed her quest for vengeance. Thanos is dead but Gamora’s mission is not over. She has come back from the Soul World to look for the Soul Stone. Her body might be moving but her soul is still trapped within the strange universe within the Infinity Stone. As long as her soul is not freed, Gamora as Requiem will keep wreaking havoc and chaos throughout the universe. Can the Avengers stop her in her tracks? Only time will tell.

Thanos Marvel Comics Infinity Wars Prime

While Infinity War Prime is from the comic books, Avengers: Infinity War has already been released. The official film synopsis for the third Avengers flick within the Marvel Cinematic Universe reads:

Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet — the evil Thanos. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.

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