Deadpool 2 – A Huge Hollywood Star Made A Cameo In The Most Unbelievable Manner

Deadpool 2 is playing in theatres now, and we have got the perfect sequel to the amazing debut movie that came out two years ago. Most franchises have not been able to reproduce the greatness that they did with the first one. Iron Man was an example of this. But Deadpool comes in the league of The Dark Knight and Captain America as it has given us an even better sequel.

Deadpool 2

It was a complete package as it had really insane humour as you would laugh throughout the movie and along with that, the movie had tonnes of Easter Eggs and a lot of surprise cameos which actually added to the humour, emotion, really crisp action sequences (well that came with the best Action director attached), great character building and one of the most typical Deadpool (awesome) endings you could ever imagine.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the movie, read at your own risk!

Amidst all the fun and the many cameos that were there, we got one of the best cameos ever given by Brad Pitt. Yes, Brad Pitt was there and it was a blink and a miss moment, but this was a cameo that everyone would have been able to spot sitting in the theatres. In the movie, Deadpool recruits potential candidates to form a Mutant Strike team, X-Force for the purpose of going up against Cable. The team included an invisible mutant known as the Vanisher.

Well, for a while the movie makes us believe that there is no one by the name of Vanisher, and Deadpool just believes that he may actually be real just in case. So, the X-Force goes on a mission to stop Cable from killing Russell, and they all make a jump out of a plane wearing parachutes. Along with all the X Force members, a lonely parachute bag believed to be the Vanisher also jumps off the plane.

As Vanisher pursues to make a dramatic landing onto the ground, he gets tangles in electric wire cables and gets electrocuted to death. While all this happens, the Vanisher finally appears to be a real mutant and it was none other than Brad Pitt! This was the best cameo ever without a doubt. We didn’t get a typical Stan Lee Cameo but this should totally cover that.

It was really great to see that as when the movie was in the early stages of getting made, rumours suggested that Brad Pitt was actually offered the role of Cable, but he had to pass it on due to some other commitments. Then the role apparently went to Cable. But what makes us happy that Brad did give us a cameo, which is probably the best of all.

Talking to Screen Rant during the press tour for Deadpool 2, co-writer Rhett Reese gave us the know-how to exactly how the Brad Pitt cameo came to be. He was asked that:

“During the buildup to this film we had a lot of great marketing cameos like David Beckham and Celine Dion obviously did the song. There are great cameos in this film as well. How did those come about? And were those already in the script or were they like, all right, we got so and so let’s just…?”

deadpool 2
Deadpool 2

Here’s what he answered:

“Uh, Vanisher was a late add. It was the very last thing we shot on the Deadpool movie was Brad Pitt came to set. He agreed to play Vanisher in return for scale, which is a very, very low number, a low, low salary and a cup of coffee from Starbucks delivered to him by Ryan Reynolds. So Ryan had to hand over that coffee to Brad in order for him to do the part. He came in, he was willing to do it because his kids love Deadpool and he’s a great guy. And uh, Ryan just asked him and he said yes, and next thing you know, boom, he’s standing there, and we had, we had a ton of fun. It was about a half an hour shoot and he was on his way and it really adds a fun moment. You can hear people gasp.”

brad pitt

This is just sheer awesomeness on the part of Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds. This is why Hollywood is a great place to be. Deadpool 2 is amazing! Go watch it if you haven’t, and go watch it again if you’ve seen it just once!

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