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3 New Spider-Man Variants Teased in Across the Spider-Verse Trailer

We just got the first look at the sequel to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and it seems to be every bit as exciting as the first movie. The movie will feature a lot more variants of the Spider-Man and this will be very exciting considering the last time we really witnessed some really amazing renditions of the friendly neighborhood hero. This gave us an opportunity for some of the much-beloved renditions of Spider-Man to appear in a movie interpretation. It is confirmed that Spider-Man 2099 will appear in the movie in a major role considering the character was also teased at the end of the first film. But there are other new Spider-Man Variants in Across the Spider-Verse. 

Taking into consideration the massive history the character has in the comics we will be getting to see a lot more renditions of the character in the sequel. There was a tease of the characters appearing in the movie or might show up in the sequel. This moment came right around the end of the trailer where we got to see a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tease that showed three different Spider-Man logos flashing on the screen. Based on the tendency of the franchise to use both popular and lesser-known Spider-Man variants we are excited to see what characters we will get to witness this time. Let’s take a look at the three different Spider-Man variants teased in the trailer for Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Part 1.


Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider

The very first of the three logos as a part of the tease showed a red and yellow Spider-Man symbol that might be a reference to Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume. According to the comics, Ben Reilly is actually a clone of Peter Parker created by The Jackal as a means of tormenting Spider-Man. Following his apparent death after their first encounter, Ben returns to New York so that he can fight alongside Peter.


The character first appeared in 1975’s The Amazing Spider-Man #149 as a nameless clone of Peter Parker. Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man is actually amongst the most popular Spider-Man variants even though his first appearance in the comics was a bit controversial. Over the years the character has seen various transformations as both a villain and later an anti-hero. It would be awesome to see this rendition of Spider-Man appear in the upcoming Spider-verse movie.


‘Ends Of The Earth’ Spider-Man

New Spider-Man Variants Teased in Across the Spider-Verse

The second logo that appeared in the trailer looked very reminiscent of the ‘Ends of the Earth’ Spider-Man symbol based on the color scheme. This narrative of Spider-Man follows the hero trying to stop Doctor Octopus from speeding up global warming before he dies. In order to stop this from happening, he dons a whole new suit with a certain number of updates that give it a very different look as compared to the general Spider-Man suit. This suit is much beloved by fans and has appeared in almost all the games of the character.


Spider-Man 2211

Finally, we got to see the logo that absolutely resembles that of Spider-Man 2211. The color of this logo might have indicated of it has a resemblance with the Agony and Scream symbiote but the very design of the symbol is a closer match to Spider-Man 2211. The character is very much influenced by that of Doctor Octopus with the suit having extra arms built on them. Max Borne is a robotics expert and become Spider-Man in the year 2211 so that he could battle with his version of Hobgoblin. This is actually a rather bizarre rendition of Spider-Man and it would kinda make sense if he appears next to the other variants in the movie.


New Spider-Man Variants Teased in Across the Spider-Verse

Often times Spider-Man 2211 has been referred to as the strongest amongst the variants of Spider-Man and this might be because of the major difference it has in terms of the costume with the other heroes. His costume has certain updates that might have been the reference for the Iron Spider costume in the MCU. Borne’s costume can be used to view alternate timelines, a power that he used when he fought alongside Spider-Man 2099.


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