Luke Cage Powers and Abilities That Make Him The Strongest Man In Harlem

The story of Luke Cage is one filled with struggle and strife. Born in the backstreets of Harlem, Cage was a freakishly large human being. Never indulging in bad influences that existed in abundance in the hood, Cage grew up to be an upstanding and modal citizen of our society. Everything seemed good in the life of-of unsuspecting Luke until one day he was brought in by the police on false charges. Then Cage was tried, convicted and incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit. This seemed like the end of Luke Cage, however, while in prison Cage was subjected to experimental procedures that granted him superhuman capabilities.

Upon being released from prison, power man started to use these powers for good and started working as a hero for hire, striving to be a force for good in our society. Cage saw how the kids from the hood seemed to have been dealt a losing hand with only two options being either kill or be killed. He resolved to use his powers as the savior of Harlem to end gang violence in this affected neighborhood and bring peace to the families trying to make something of themselves in this rat race. Cage is a wise and a strong man, he has acted as part of defenders at numerous occasions and a, enter to many, including your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. The power and abilities of the strongest man in Harlem are laid bare below for your scrutiny.

1.    Super strength

Luke Cage Powers and Abilities

The experiment that was conducted on Cage was extremely meticulous and painful. They ended up enhancing a lot of his inherent abilities. One of the consequences of these experiments was the enhanced strength of Luke Cage. The power man is called so for a reason. Luke Cage possesses a huge amount of brute strength. To the point that he can punch solid concrete walls and rip apart firearms with his bare hands. The power man is also capable of lifting huge weights thanks to this strength of his. He can remove rubble weighing hundreds of kilos and can punch supervillains across the room.

Luke Cage Powers and Abilities

Luke Cage is a bane for street-level thugs he can take on waves after waves of gang members. The cage can also make short work of firearms and cars by crushing them at a moment’s notice. The power man has immense strength and it is not easy to find a rival, no matter how hard you look.

2. Enhanced stamina

Luke Cage Powers and Abilities

Not only does Luke Cage possess immense strength, he also hosts stamina to rival it. The power man is capable of unparalleled feats. He can take on armies of low-level thugs without breaking a sweat making him an ideal warrior for long battles. His impeccable endurance along with his resilience make for a formidable foe.

The power man is capable of rivaling Spider-Man and hulk in endurance tests. He has, at various occasions taught Spider-Man how to ration one’s strength when on the battlefield. Luke Cage is a master of street-level crime and knows that you need to be constantly on your feet if you wish to accomplish anything for the young adults of Harlem.

3. Unbreakable skin/ cellular REGENERATION

Luke Cage Powers and Abilities

The experiments that were conducted on Cage when was incarcerated were dubbed “power man” experiments. Cage was never supposed to survive them let alone gain immense powers and go against the crime of Harlem. These experiments granted Luke Cage with what can only be explained as enhanced cellular regeneration. The experiments altered Cage on a molecular level granting his cells the power to regenerate themselves on a whim.

This grants Cage an absolute defense in the form of unbreakable skin. Cage’s skin allows him to walk through entire clips of machine guns and assault rifles without breaking a sweat. Even though the firearms do ruin his clothes a little too much. Cage’s skin protects him from everything from stabbing to projectiles and to a certain degree, brute force attacks making him one of the few people in the Marvel universe with an absolute defense.

4. Athletics and martial arts

Luke Cage Powers and Abilities

The introduction to Luke Cage was of a myriad everyday joe who was experimented upon and given powers to the point that he could fight for the common man. His strength, stamina and unbreakable skin were all part of the powers that he was granted over the course of experimentation.

Luke Cage Powers

However, it is pertinent to note that Luke Cage was never an average human being. Luke was an Athlete from the start of his life. He had an interest in sports and developed his body accordingly, keeping it in peak physical condition. Moreover, upon joining the defenders, the cage was trained in martial arts by Iron Fist himself. This was done to ensure that Luke was able to take on an opponent with a strength.

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