The Emergence Also Happened on Asgard, But It Survived

We don’t know if you have noticed yet, but Asgard is very different from the other planets in space. Is it because of the magical powers of its residents? Did Odin call upon the strength of the All fathers to get the disk-shaped planet to float in space? Fans have been asking this question since 2011’s Thor. And we believe that we have solved this mystery. It’s probably because of the Emergence on Asgard.

Asgard may not exist anymore, thanks to Surtur, but it doesn’t stop to amaze us even now. It was the home-world of some of the best characters of MCU, namely Loki, Thor, and Hela. However, the shape of this realm, or this planet, has been a topic of discussion. Except for flat-Earthers, of course. And we think we have come up with the right answer to end this discussion everywhere. Keep up with us to find out.



The original planet of Asgard was destroyed by the birth of a Celestial from MCUTheories

A couple of weeks ago, an MCU fan posted an interesting theory on the subreddit, r/MCUtheories. According to u/ParameciaAntic, Asgard has its distinct shape due to the Emergence of a Celestial thousands of years ago. This may seem like too far a stretch but bear with us. For many years, we thought that Odin created Asgard with his magical powers. He had already conquered the Nine Realms and created Asgard, in the middle, as his throne. Plus, there is a precedent in Norse mythology that further proves our point.


Yggdrasil asgard thor
Yggdrasil Tree

However, the MCU developers have not adapted everything as it was written many years ago. They have always switched things up a bit. And we think we know how they imagined Odin to have created the planet. Get this, we know from Eternals that Celestials place seeds in the core of planets across the universe. Then, they send a group of Eternals to help the natural fauna of the planet to flourish and grow. For a Celestial to emerge from the planet, the population of the planet needs to be advanced enough. And seeing the abilities of the Asgardians, we can underestimate their advancements.


The Emergence Also Happened on Asgard

So, when the Celestial inside the whole mass of Asgard, which would be elliptical in shape, began to emerge, it destroyed the planet into pieces. This resulted in mass genocide that might’ve led to the Asgardians’ extinction, if not for Odin. We know that Odin possessed the Space Stone for a long time before he hid it on Earth. So, it would make sense if he used the stone to make a huge leftover piece of the planet habitable for the population that was left.



Before the birth of Thor, Odin was an ambitious King. He was a ruler of the Nine Realms, and he used fear to control them. So, if we consider that the Celestial emerged during this time, Odin might’ve used the power of the Tesseract to decimate the Celestial, and gave his children the power of the Gods. This makes complete sense, as other than the Royal family of Asgard, nobody seems to practice magic. Except for Frigga’s childhood companions, who were supposedly witches but it could very easily be the Masters of the Mystic Arts. After all, Norse Mythology originates from the Earth.


Emergence on Asgard

There is also a possibility that Odin didn’t kill the Celestial. Maybe he just used the Stone to rehabilitate the piece of land and called it Asgard. Because if he had killed a Celestial, almost every Eternal on the Earth would know about it. After all, Gilgamesh and Odin became buddies when the former helped the latter fight the Frost Giants. Since Gilgamesh, or any other Eternal, didn’t mention a Celestial dying, Odin might’ve understood his importance and let him emerge.


When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It explains the rise of Asgard in mythology and the comics, while also explaining how a family of Asgardians possess God-like powers. It would be awesome if the writers decide to feature this theory in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Do you think that this theory holds in the MCU? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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