Why Batman Killed People in Batman v Superman?

The caped crusader known as Batman has always been a vigilante bringing justice to the city of Gotham. He has had many incarnations. From comics to television and film, the various aspects and characteristics of Batman have been explored. The Batman, seen particularly, on film has had a reputation for being the superhero who catches the bad guy using his wit and weapons but never includes guns although he does use them in the comics.
Christopher Nolan’s trilogy  of the Dark Knight had a firm “no killing rule” and saw Christian Bale attacking criminals but never taking their lives. However, Zac Snyder has brought a new color to the character with the movie Batman V Superman. The film launched a thousand debates about the real Batman among fans as the movie showed the dark knight killing a few people including Lex Luthor’s mercenaries. He stabs and shoots people -a grim side never truly shown before about him.
In Batman V Superman, Bruce Wayne is also a tad bit older and jaded about criminals and crime in Gotham. This Dark Knight gives into his dark side due to Robin, his sidekick being murdered by The Joker. He hangs his crime fighting partner’s suit to maybe remind him of his aim as Batman and to remember what his purpose has become.
Producer of the film, Chris Roven gave his thoughts on the evolution of Batman’s character:
“I think that it just came about that this particular Batman, he’s been jaded by the process. There’s a really amazing line in the movie, ‘20 years in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?’ And let’s face it, he’s a very damaged guy… We see Robin is not around. The character has evolved, and he’s definitely a more brutal guy, and we wanted him to be right on that edge, right on that razor. And he has to be on the razor’s edge, or why would he get Superman’s attention?”

Amy Fanai

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