25 Top Internet Reactions To Arrow Season 6 Episode 7

Arrow season 6 episode 7, ”Thanksgiving” is out and it has involved everything. Entry of Black Siren, Felicity’s big sacrifice to let Oliver out of the jail and Cayden James’ revenge. Diddle and Thea Recovers and the whole beautiful family reunite. Check out the amazing reactions fans gave on the latest episode:

The Family! Aww!

Oliver Visiting Thea!

Sweet Olicity!

I Think I’d Know!

Queen of DCTV!

Love Felicity!

What a Sacrifice!!Awesome!

Good Luck!

Whole Family together!

Crossover Dream Sequence!

Hilarious Reaction!


The Plot Thickens!

Love the Sound!

Cayden James’ Revenge!

Thankful for Olicity!



Beautiful family!


Love the Aesthetic!

Best Episode!

Hop to it Fandom!


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