10 Most Gruesome Deaths By Thanos In The Infinity Gauntlet Saga

Thanos is one of the most powerful villains of the Marvel Universe. His quest for power has led him to destroy countless innocent lives, civilizations even. His love affair with death led him to pursue the infinity stones. All he wanted to do was win her heart. This weird love story led to deaths so unfathomable it cemented him a role as a madman and the greatest megalomaniac the world has ever seen.

Half of the entire universe

Like we said, all Thanos ever wanted to do was win Lady Death’s heart, the living embodiment of Death in the mainstream universe. It was this love affair that pushed Thanos into obtaining the Infinity Gauntlet. And the first thing he did was wipe out half of the universe as an offering to please her. Heroes like Hawkeye, Dagger, and Daredevil along with half of all life in this reality vanished without a trace. For those who remained, the deaths were devastating, to say the least.

Captain America

Captain America is the peak of Human physical conditioning. He is also an expert tactician and strategist. He got the brains as well as the brawn. So when he formulated a plan to distract Thanos with an “As long as I Stand” speech, he almost made Thanos bite the dust. The Silver Surfer was to jump on a distracted Thanos and grab the gauntlet but he failed. Miserably. Thanos then wipes the life force out of Cap’s body with nothing but a smack in the face.


Peter Parker did not die directly by Thanos’ hand. Thanos created a woman named Terraxia to make Lady Death jealous and instilled her with god-like superhuman attributes. As Spidey shut Thanos up with web shot to his mouth, Terraxia confronts spidey. They fight it off in the background. Terraxia wins easily. She is a being created by the most powerful object in existence after all. The death of Spider-Man was not given much spotlight but it still led to a moment a little too heart-wrenching.


Cloak is the part of a popular Mutant crime-fighting duo Cloak and Dagger. While Dagger manipulates light energy, Cloak can manipulate the extra-dimensional dark force dimension to teleport himself and others across vast distances. During the Infinity Gauntlet fiasco, Cloak tried to use his powers to trap Thanos in the Dark force dimension. After an eerily momentary silence, Cloak explodes from the feedback. The superhero couldn’t bear to hold a being with insane amounts of cosmic energy within himself and thus went poof.


Vision tries to attack Thanos from behind as the Mad Titan is busy shrinking the Hulk to a few inches. He succeeds and tries to do the same again but Thanos manages to evade it this time. He then grabs hold of the Android and manages to rip his chest apart, revealing a bunch of wires. Vision has regularly used this form of attack – Using his density manipulation to phase his hand into people’s chest and then slightly hardening it to give the target immense pain. But while Vision exercised caution not to kill his target, Thanos had no such worries.

Scarlet Witch

Not only Vision but also his wife, Scarlet Witch encounters a similar fate. As Cyclops and Scarlet Witch try to double team Thanos from either flank, Thanos decides to deal with Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering abilities first. He reflects her powers back onto herself. The sight was so horrifying that Eros, the brother of Thanos and a silent witness to the battle, could do nothing but look away. Dr. Strange manages to capture Scarlet Witch’s essence and remake her body from scratch for the final battle later on.


The X-Men’s primary tactician and on field leader could no longer stand against the supercharged Eternal for long. After the Scarlet Witch falls, Cyclops puts up a great fight but only for a few seconds. Thanos wraps Scott’s head with a force-field that manages to not only blocks energy from popping out of his eyes but also the air from getting in. Slowly and steadily, as a horrified Cap looks helplessly at Cyclops, the hero suffocates to death. Not exactly a painless way to go.

Iron Man

Tony Stark soon goes loco and uses his repulsor rays to blast Thanos to smithereens. Thanos is taken aback but before he could will the armored avenger out of existence, Terraxia comes to Thanos’s aid. She is shown having a visible scuffle with Iron Man. The fight ends in the background. Teraxia is then seen holding the Iron Man helmet in her hand. She presents the spoils of war to Thanos as readers see blood dripping from the helmet. Tony Stark’s head is still inside it.


Not exactly Thor Odinson but Eric Masterson, this new God of thunder tries to stop Thanos on his own and fails miserably. Thanos flings him miles away from the battle scene. Without any physical contact with his hammer Mjolnir, Masterson almost suffocates to death in his human form. He manages to come back, hammer in hand, to fight Thanos again only to be turned into glass and then broken into a million pieces. Strange and Wanda Maximoff manage to revive Masterson back to his human form with a set of powerful spells. Nevertheless, still, a gruesome way to go.


Logan’s mutant healing powers often help him win the battle and survive insurmountable amounts of damage. In this case, it was more of a bane than a boon. Wolverine, savage as always, tries to release the inner animal on Thanos. He tries to rip the Titan to pieces with his adamantium claws. Thanos doesn’t even break a sweat, not even an evil smirk when he turns the very adamantium in his bones that makes Logan indestructible into rubber. Wolverine falls down, the rubber skeleton no longer able to support his body. The human body is stupidly dependent on the skeleton and its support structure. Without any form of support, there will be serious complications. His healing factor keeps him alive, but the pain throughout must be unbearable, to say the least. Thanos clears out the bodies and the debris from the battle later but Logan clearly did endure the most out of all the heroes.

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