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7 Crazy Similarities Between Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen

If you come to think about it, Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen are not all that different after all. Robert Pattinson isn’t a bad fit for Batman, precisely because we see many similarities between him being the Caped Crusader and the Vampire in the Twilight series. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1) Bruce and Edward’s Connection with Bats

An obvious and unmissable similarity between the two characters is that both Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen have a strong association with bats and the night. Vampires are often depicted to be synonymous with bats in popular culture and come out largely in the dark because of their aversion to sunlight. Meanwhile, Batman lurks the shadows and derives his Superhero name from the word ‘Bat’.


2) Both Characters Have a Shared Passion to Fight Crime

During the time when Edward Cullen was hunting humans rather than sticking to devouring and feasting on animal blood, the vampire would focus his attention on evil people who deserved to be punished. While Batman would never kill his enemies, he does fight against criminals and those who pose a threat to the public and their well-being. Wouldn’t it be fun to see them fight each other? Well, we hope the makers are listening.


3) They’re Both Very Intellectual

Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen

Another similarity can be drawn between Edward Cullen and Batman through their intellectual prowess. Pattinson’s Batman excels in its comic book accuracy as he meets his intellectual match in Riddler. Now because Edward can’t sleep, he focuses that extra time to learn, and therefore he’s pretty smart. Also, all the Cullen siblings get sent to high school every four years, which helps too.


4) Secret Identities

A huge common denominator for both Batman and Edward Cullen’s lives is the need for anonymity. Edward Cullen’s secret being revealed poses a danger to himself as well as the lives of everyone he knows. The Volturi would immediately kill them to prevent humans from discovering the truth. Coming to Bruce, he has to keep both his Identities separate to protect Gotham. That’s why his costume and mask help conceal his identity.


5) Financial and Monetary Stability

They have both inherited mammoth amounts of money, neither Bruce Wayne nor Edward Cullen ever has to worry about money problems. They are comfortable and have enough money to live comfortably throughout their life. Apart from Wayne’s personal inheritance, he also has access to Wayne Enterprise’s funds and Cullen’s family is extremely wealthy sad keeps him provided.


6) Both Characters are Highly Skilled Fighters

Batman’s skills are nowhere as powerful as Cullen’s vampire strength and capabilities, but he does pack some punch. Edward has raw, brutal and animalistic strength which is very visible when he’s protecting Bella. Batman attacks with a limited range of motion, incorporating different styles of Martial Arts while fighting the bad guys. The Vampire fights to kill whereas the Crusader fights to bring justice.


7) Adopted Father Figures

Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen

Having lost their parents at very young ages, both Bruce Wayne and Edward Cullen were left without a father figure. However, the two characters also adopted new men in their lives who served as protectors, mentors and guardians to them. Bruce Wayne has his butler Alfred and Edward Cullen has his adopted father Carlisle. In an attempt to save Edward from the same fate as his parents, Carlisle turns him into a vampire, teaching him to lead an afterlife without feeding on humans. Alfred tries to keep Bruce from heading down the dark path of vengeance over justice.

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