10 Characters Who Could Replace Tony Stark As Iron Man in MCU

With rumors of Tony Stark leaving Marvel Cinematic Universe after Phase 3, there may be a chance that he could be replaced. If that happens, here are ten characters who could replace him as the hero Iron Man:

Riri Williams

5 Characters Who Could Replace Tony Stark As Iron Man In Marvel Cinematic Universe

Riri Williams was personally selected by Tony Stark to replace him as Iron Man. The teenager was a prodigy who reverse-engineer Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, then build one of her own from scratch using materials she found around campus. She may be the closest thing that Marvel could replace Tony Stark for in the new Phase if a change is about to happen.

Pepper Potts

In the comics, Pepper Potts was actually Happy Hogan’s wife but worked for Tony Stark. When Ezekiel Stane attacked both she and Iron Man, Pepper was left with a shrapnel close to her heart. Stark designed a suit specifically for her, The Mark 1616. Iron Man 3 saw Pepper being a hero, so she could definitely replace Tony if the chance ever came.

James Rhodes

James Rhodes, one of Tony Stark’s closest friends has donned the War Machine suit in two of the Iron Man movies. He may not have the technological brilliance that Tony possesses, but the guy is a military force of nature who could use his tactics to battle enemies.In the comics, Rhodes battled  Mandarin, Thunderball, Firebrand, Zodiac, Vibro, Radioactive Man, Krang in the Iron Man suit, and had Hawkeye invite him to West Coast avengers because he thought Rhodes was Tony. He was that good.

Happy Hogan

Before Happy Hogan was Tony Stark’s faithful bodyguard, he was a small-time boxer in New York. Happy has since proved himself to be a selfless character who has saved Tony time and time again when Tony went on the deep end of his addiction. Hogan has also donned the Iron Man suit when Tony Stark has been unavailable. Hogan joined the Iron Legion to battle the deadly Mandarin in the  Iron Man suit.

The Iron Legion

The Iron Legion consisted of Happy Hogan (Tony’s limo driver), Eddie March (Happy’s friend and a retired boxer), Michael O’Brien (formerly known as The Guardsman, one of Iron Man’s foes), Bethany Cabe (Stark’s bodyguard and former lover), and Carl Walker (a former henchman for Justin Hammer). The short-lived team defeated Ultimo when The avengers were not in a position to.

Mary Jane Watson

This may surprise many fans but Mary Jane Watson is not just a character used by villains more often to get to Spiderman. According to the MCU, Mary Jane has left all these things and gone to work for stark industries and have the access to his suits and even wore the iron spider suit. This may make the chances of her being the next iron man on the big screen.

Natasha Stark

Natasha Stark is a female version of Tony Stark or you can say Tony Stark in a parallel universe. So who can replace Iron Man better than Iron Man herself but the only thing barring her to be the next Tony Stark is according to the MCU Natasha and Captain America are lovers and so the civil war could never happen.

Arno Stark

This would be a great shock for many of the Tony Stark fans and even for Tony himself that he is adopted and Arno Stark is the biological son of the stark families. Due to his health problems Arno needed medical assistance and lives in a secret hospital. The Starks doesn’t want to reveal his son reality, adopted a healthy baby and named him tony.

As soon as Tony becomes the Iron Man he learns about his brother and helped him out and together they form a hero partnership.

Iron Suit

Tony Stark could produce a number of suits and robots, he could protect the world, leave the controls over them and can retire easily but only if they turn out to be good, if the same thing happens what happens with Ultron then this might create a big fuss even bigger than the Ultron. But if things go the way as expected the MCU would not have any problem regarding replacing the character of Tony Stark.

Squirrel Girl

With many names coming up for the replacement of Tony Stark this could be one of the names MCU should put in their top lists, Squirrel Girl has become a famous figure in the Marvel comic books and can prove out to be very popular among fans. She has also been known to wear an Iron suit and with the stark

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