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Captain America Killed Colossus Brutally and Didn’t Even Flinch

Captain America is considered to be the first Avenger since he was the first candidate for the Avengers initiative. Even though the hero is known for being noble and that’s one of the reasons he is respected compared to the other heroes in the MCU. But it doesn’t take long for him to unleash his wrath upon his enemy if things go against him. Even though we haven’t seen this rendition of the character in the MCU, it has appeared in the comics various times. There have been numerous times that Captain America managed to kill his opponent in a fight. But there was a time when Captain America killed Colossus so brutally and didn’t even think twice about it.

Cap and Colossus

Deadpool 3 in The Theatres

Colossus hasn’t made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut yet, but fans are very much aware of the character. He has appeared in the Fox X-Men films but his appearance in the Deadpool movies was a lot more significant. Most of the time, it ended up being him who managed to save Deadpool in some of the goriest circumstances. Considering he has a metal body, it’s hard to imagine that the character would have difficulty when put opposite Captain America. But things took a rather drastic turn in a certain narrative from Marvel comics.


When Captain America Killed Colossus Brutally

Considering Marvel doesn’t do holiday specials anymore, fans were excited to see what they had in mind for the Avengers Halloween Special. This narrative saw some of the most brutal tales from Marvel take place with heroes taking one some of the weirdest personas. According to the synopsis:

Epic thrills and ghastly horror awaits in these all-new twisted tales! Spanning the breadth of the Marvel Universe, through the macabre lens of a murderer’s row of writers and artists assembled here, see your favorite heroes and villains as you’ve never seen them before!


While there were stories that dealt with the ghosts of a few of the heroes themselves, things got very dark with a story about Captain America and Tony Stark. It was more like The Thing than fans would have expected it to be with very short appearances from two other heroes too. The story titled “The Thing From Another Time” by Jen and Sylvia Soska, Jonash Scharf, and Jordan Boyd, saw Stark losing his company.


Captain America Killed Colossus

In order to get back, Stark has to find a biological weapon that his father had kept in the ice. When his team fails to extract it, he has to go there himself with Deadpool and Colossus. Upon reaching the location he discovers that Captain America has been melted off and things don’t seem right. Colossus goes for the first move at Cap but before he could do anything Cap throws his shield and kills Colossus at once.


Deadpool ends up having a similar fate but this time we find out that Captain America is not the one we had seen before. Stark hints that his father might have done something as this was clearly a monster. Captain America confronts Stark and realizes that it is Howard Stark’s son at once. He used the same movie that he did on Colossus to kill him but fails to make any harm. Upon discovering that Stark’s suit had a stronger metal he says,

That is one strong suit, son. Stronger than that big metal boy you showed up with. Your daddy would be proud.


Captain America Killed Colossus

This narrative ends in a rather dark but peaceful tone similar to The Thing. Considering the MCU is headed for some darker stories, this could be something that they can actually work on. This would actually make for a rather awesome episode of the Disney+ animated series What If…?. It would be interesting to see Captain America take a darker shade.

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