10 Times Thor Absolutely Destroyed Other Superheroes

Thor Odinson is the Norse God of Thunder in the Marvel Universe. The Superhero was somewhat of a sideshow in the comics until Chris Hemsworth immortalized the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the movies’ portrayal of Thor is terribly underpowered, in the comics the Blonde thunder God has gone toe to toe against the strongest and has easily come out the victor.

Iron Man

What happens when Marvel’s poster child is confronted by the up and coming MCU superstar? That is exactly what happens after the events of the comic book arc Civil War. Superheroes are labeled as criminals, The Cap is dead and a clone of Thor named ‘Ragnarok’ has killed dozens of other superheroes (who later become well known in the MCU). When Thor returns from Asgard he realizes that his clone is Tony’s creation. The resulting fight isn’t even a fight. It’s a slaughter. Tony is a punching bag beaten to near death by Mjolnir until Thor just leaves him be coz he has more “pressing matters” to attend to. The reason Tony is alive is coz Thor didn’t think he was even worth a stomping.

The Hulk

The most famous fight scenario in Marvel Comics is when the Hulk goes against Thor. The same is the case in the MCU. The Hulk is the strongest being in the entire universe. No one matches up to him in terms of brutal, raw strength. Yet the several fights between Thor and Hulk, the fights have never been one-sided. Thor’s strength is nothing short of colossal. So when the green giant and Hammer man go boom boom, the victors have always alternated between the two.

The Thing

The Fantastic Four and the Avengers are the two most well-known superhero teams in the Marvel Universe. And in all these years Marvel has published crossovers, the two fan favorites have come at odds for quite a number of times. The Thing is the most grumpy, sarcastic being in existence. The only thing that surpasses his bluntness is his insane strength. Most of the Thor vs Thing fights have ended with Thing as the victor. But in a What If? the story arc, Thor, and Loki conspire to conquer earth. When the Thing opposes them, Thor, quickly dispatches the rock giant with one swift blow to his jaw, breaking it into a dozen chunks of rock.


Vision does not have Hulk’s strength, Thor’s lightning or Iron man’s genius, yet he is still considered as the strongest Avenger on the roster. When Vision and Thor were just about to trade fists in Age of Ultron, they were cut short much to fan’s dismay. But in the Avenger’s Annual #8, Vision and Thor finally duke it out. Vision thinks he can just phase through Thor and stop his heart momentarily and quickly end the fight. But as he goes ghost, Odinson throws Mjolnir into him which then quickly phases through as a lightning surge takes Vision out for good.

Silver Surfer

The former herald of Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. His ability to control and manipulate the Power Cosmic is so vast and incredible he has even defeated Galactus, his own creator, at a time with it. The Surfer and Thor have managed to go mano e mano several times in the comics. Despite the Surfer’s vast control over time and space, the God of Thunder has mostly won all those fights. The Silver Surfer may have a metallic butt but Thor still manages to screw him over and over again.


The son of Zeus got his big break in the Marvel Universe in a Thor issue. So it would make sense when we say that he has fought the Odinson. A LOT!!! Hercules is the champion of the Greek Pantheon while Thor is that of the Norse Pantheon. When the poster children of two rival pantheons trade fists, the fights are mostly evenly matched. But many a time Odinson has managed to down the Olympian with a single lightning bolt or the just plain Good ol’ fashioned Knock Out.



Thor: Ragnarok pitted the Hulk against Thor in a superhero gladiator match the Contest of Champions by the Grandmaster. But in the comics, the Contest is nothing new to the sport. It has regularly been used as an excuse to pit one superhero against another. When the Brood Quen took over the arena, she pits Thor against Storm of the X-Men. Realizing she is hopelessly outmatched, Storm tries to use her close combat skills to best the God of Thunder. What God of Thunder did next might be a little controversial – he kissed her and quite literally took the future queen of Wakanda’s breath away. Glad it wasn’t Hulk he was fighting eh.


Remember how we talked about Civil War? Ragnarok clone of the Gof of Thunder going berserk and killing everyone in his path as superheroes went into hiding or ended up dead as the Government started using re-engineered clones of their very brethren to drive em out. Ragnarok was a product of one such experiment by Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym.  As he went on to kill the Warriors Three and Black Goliath – a fellow Avenger, Ragnarok finally meets his maker as Thor decides enough is enough. The best part: Thor didn’t even break a sweat.

Captain Marvel (Shazam!)

The 90’s weren’t a good time to be a comic book enthusiast. The brutally mediocre redesigns of fan-favorite characters plus lackluster stories made it difficult for DC and Marvel to find an audience. So in 1996, both companies decided to join hands for one epic crossover DC vs. Marvel. The story sees the event as the God of Thunder finds himself at odds with the Mightiest Mortal. The fight never seems to end with both parties equally matched. That is until Thor gets the upper hand and beats the shit out of Shazam, leading him to turn back to Billy Batson. As Billy calls upon the enchanted lightning for Round 2, Thor intercepts the bolt with Mjolnir and the resulting feedback pushes Billy into unconsciousness.


It would be surprising to not see the brashest mutant in the X-Men’s arsenal not rub shoulders with the God of Thunder. Both are horribly overpowered, both have a sibling rivalry (in the movies at least) and both are terribly short-tempered. It was only a matter of time until Logan met Odinson on the battlegrounds in Wolverine vs. Thor and in #2 after wolfy manages to get some blows on the Asgardian, Thor becomes serious and with his strength and power utterly destroys Wolverine in the fight. A classic BvS scenario.

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