10 MCU Villains Killmonger Would Easily Destroy

Eric Killmonger was a revolutionary character and solved Marvel’s big villain problem. He was not the typical cliché villain, and it is safe to say that he was more of an anti-villain with whom you could relate to.  The heart-shaped herb mixed with his training and motivation, plus the Golden Jaguar suit makes him a lethal villain he was obviously one of the best MCU villains when it comes to the way the character was written. A strong villain like him could take on and beat many others in the MCU. Here is a list of MCU villains Killmonger will utterly destroy.

Iron Monger

Even if Iron Monger in his suit goes all out, with all the weaponry and ammunition the suit possesses, he would not cause any sort of damage to Killmonger’s Vibranium suit. Moreover, all the attacks taken by Killmonger would absorb a lethal amount of Kinetic energy, and a counter attack using that would shatter the Iron Monger.


Similar to Iron Monger, Whiplash also won’t be much of a match for Killmonger in his Vibranium suit. Even his electric whips won’t do much damage and Killmonger could rip the suit apart with his hands and the claws. The only thing Whiplash and Iron Monger can do against Whiplash is that they take him flying and drop him from a lethal height. But the Panther suit can resist that too and it would be really surprised if Whiplash could rise very high before Killmonger rips the suit apart completely.


His suit may make him as powerful as Luke Cage, but it is not as great as Killmonger’s suit as it does not only provide a great offense with the Vibranium claws and the Kinetic Energy counter and everything, it also provides a great defense as Diamondback would not be able to go through Vibranium anyway.


The Vulture also is not going to be a match against Killmonger. He mostly has the similar abilities that the above two possess. As we saw in the first Avengers movies, that the Chitauri Weapons were not able to go through Vibranium. So nothing that Vulture would do could affect Killmonger in any way.

Grant Ward (Hive)

Ward may be a skilled fighter and a well-trained Hydra agent, but his combat skills are not a match for Erik Killmonger. Even when he becomes Hive, the Inhuman lord, he still would not be able to take down Erik Killmonger with all his abilities combined.


Crossbones in the MCU is a trained assassin and a mercenary who went toe to toe against Captain America for a while in fact. But Killmongers powers from the Heart Shaped Herb combined with his training itself would be enough to take down Crossbones. He wouldn’t even need the suit.


Kingpin has his ways of getting things done. Every scene he is in, we can feel his presence in the grandest fashion. He took on Daredevil and even beat him to death, but Killmonger is not Daredevil. He would not hesitate to kill, and he will take down the king of the underworld in no time.

Red Skull

Other than Kilmonger, there are probably just two great villains in the MCU and one of them is Red Skull. This villain was really well written and well presented, and we would surely like to see him return to Infinity War or Avengers 4. But what we would like even more would be a match-up between him and Killmonger. Both of them are driven towards evil with a certain motivation, but will all the abilities combined that Killmonger possesses, he could certainly take down Red Skull.


This will be one of the fiercest and most evenly matched battles in the entire MCU. Elektra, after she comes back from the dead, becomes a killer assassin and she is one of the most skilled fighters of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and coming back from the dead even gives her Superhuman abilities, but in the longer run, Killmonger is going to destroy her.

The Winter Soldier

This is yet another battle that will be pretty brutal, but we would have loved to see it on the big screen. But let’s be real, if Black Panther was able to take him with his old suit, Killmonger is surely going to kick his sorry ass with the new suit and the superhuman abilities provided from the Heart-Shaped Herb.

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