Iron Man Vs Thor: Can A Big Man With Suit Take Down A God?

Iron Man vs Thor: Who will win?

 We only got a glimpse of this fight in the first Avengers movie, and while Thor was able to capitalize much better in that little brawl, Iron Man was no less. Unfortunately, Thor missed the recent Civil War, and the upcoming two Avengers movie won’t solve this question for us, so we have to put the two against each other ourselves. While this battle could be huge in a future MCU movie, let’s compare their strengths and abilities right now, and find out who will actually be the ultimate winner if this battle ever takes place.

Iron Man

Tony Stark before becoming Iron Man was a successful arms dealer. He is the second wealthiest Superhero in the universe. He has a Genius-level intellect and is proficient in science and engineering because of which he was able to make the Iron Man suit which possesses Superhuman strength and durability, Supersonic Flight, Energy repulsor and missile projection and Regenerative life support.

He has made so many suits with so many Unique and Insane abilities. All his suits come with different power and strength variations that allow him to do various things. One of his suits is able to ensure his survival in space and hyperspace, one of his suits allows him to go deep underwater.

We all know how strong the Hulk-buster is, and he has a stealth armor that makes him undetectable and invisible under any sort of radar. The strongest of his armors are Extremis armor which got upgraded to bleeding-edge armor which actually fits inside his body all the time so no one would ever see him coming.

Thor Odinson

Thor is the Son of Odin and the king of Asgard. He is the protector of all the 9 realms and possesses a magical hammer named Mjolnir which actually provides him the ability to control thunder and lightning and his flight. Thor is the only person who is worthy of picking up the mighty hammer, Mjolnir and the hammer is his ally.

Whenever he is in danger, he just sorts of calls the hammer and where ever it may be, it comes to the rescue. The Mjolnir actually allows him to fly, Manipulate electricity and weather, and transport dimensionally. Other than that his powers include Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and longevity.

Even without the Mjolnir, Thor would be an extremely strong opponent for any individual. Thor possesses electricity within himself and he can summon that electric Thunder he possesses if the Mjolnir is not with him and this is called the Odin Force. Other than that, he also has a Magic belt which gives him various mystical powers and it adds on to his strength. 

Iron Man vs Thor: Death Battle

The easy answer to this is that Thor is an Immortal God and Tony Stark is just a human. But Stark has a brain which is probably bigger than anyone in this entire Universe. He is the mechaninc, and comes up with the technology to face anything everything that he will ever face. Iron Man has multiple suits, and as we saw in the movie, he can use all his suits at once against Thor. Thor may be a God, but even he would not be able to capitalize in a fight like this as he is going to be hilariously outnumbered!

Thor’s thunder attacks are actually going to be a disadvantage for him initially since the Iron Man suits will actually be charged with his lightning bolts. The only way Thor could beat Iron Man is if he comes in close range to these suits as he will then be able crush the suits with his own hands. Also, Mjolnir will be of big aid in this battle against the suits. Thor’s thunder power will allow the Iron Man suits to recharge frequently and thus last longer. But, doing this repeatedly could also make the suits explode since they will only be able to take so much of it.

Iron Man vs Thor

Thor and Iron Man have fought several times in the comics. Once, Iron Man built the Thor Buster suit which was made up of the same metal as the Mjolnir. That was the only time Iron Man came close to actually beating Thor. Rest Thor has won every time. No matter how many suits Iron Man uses at once, he will surely have the upper hand initially, but all his suits have certain limitations, and Thor being a God will have the stamina to last much longer in this epic battle. So, Thor will ultimately emerge victoriously.

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