How The MCU Can Fix Sony’s Nonsensical Multiverse Plot Hole In Morbius

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become larger than we could have ever anticipated. The most interesting thing about this growth is that it comes both in the form of new franchises and new characters. Moreover, the Disney-Fox merger and the collaboration with Sony have allowed Marvel to embrace the multiverse in its entirety. While the MCU thrives, Sony is having a difficult time trying to get its own cinematic universe off the ground. Despite the bombastic post-credits scenes, Morbius has been having a terrible time at the Box office because of its plotholes. So here is how the MCU can fix Sony’s nonsensical multiverse plot hole in Morbius.

The MCU has been able to achieve unprecedented success in terms of creating a cinematic universe only because of one reason. They know how to do continuity well. Marvel Studios listens to their audiences and uses character development and world-building of their universe to advance the series arc along with whatever adventure we see in the movie. The MCU knows that their fans will be the final authority on whether they made a good movie or not. Critics are an important part of the movie industry but it is the fans who act as the final critics in the comic book movie universes. Sony has failed to realize this, as is evident by their latest attempt at moviemaking in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.


Multiverse Plot Hole In Morbius

Morbius is the combination of a haphazard plot and a studio that believes in ad hoc decision-making. Most of Sony’s explanations of how things happen and why they happen are hand-wavy at best. It almost seems like they were looking to piss fans off by creating inconsistencies in their storytelling methodologies. Take the post-credits scenes of Morbius for example. The first post-credits scene starts with Adrian Toomes being transported to the SSU because of Dr Strange’s spell at the end of No Way Home. Toomes is said to be pulled into the SSU and he appears in a jail cell.


But this does not make a lot of sense since characters were being pulled into the MCU and not thrown out of it. Still, we concede that it is possible that the spell affected more than one reality and the Spider-Man in SSU could have pulled villains from different universes just like Tom Holland. That might explain Toomes transport here. But then why does he propose to Morbius that they should team up and go after this Spider-Man in the SSU? It doesn’t make any sense. If he wants to target a Spider-Man then surely Toomes would want to kill Tom Holland and not the SSU spidey.


Multiverse plot hole in Morbius

Also, why does Morbius agree to help a villain find a hero he knows nothing about. It is a strange synergy that makes no apparent sense. Toomes is not someone who would go unhinged and attack every Spider-Man in every universe. Yet, he proposes the idea to Morbius who is more than happy to comply. Both of their motivations are inconsistent with their characters and yet a possible Sinister Six movie is set up anyway. The path that Sony is on only leads to ruin and failure.


The Solution

But there is something that Sony can still do. To preemptively strike down plot holes Sony must embrace the concept of variants that the MCU introduced in Loki. By using this concept Sony can still get the actors they want in the roles they want without creating a lot of waves for the MCU. This will also ensure that any character inconsistency is written off as a variance from the sacred and the old Sony timelines. But if they continue to botch character arcs set up by MCU, they will end up paying for their ignorance.


After Let There Be Carnage and Morbius, Sony is on thin ice and they will be throwing their franchise away if they don’t fix the multiverse plot hole in Morbius before the Sinister Six movie. It will also be interesting to see what Venom and Toomes want from SSU’s Spider-Man because both have been looking for Tom Holland and not this version of the character.

Let us know what you think about the multiverse plot hole in Morbius down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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