10 Brutal Fates In Movies That Were Worse Than Death

Filmmakers and writers are known for the creative minds behind the fictional and fantasy world. But sometimes these writers use their creativity for dark and grim things as well. Instead of blessing their characters with a peaceful death, they inflict painful fates on them. This route is so awful that they’d beg for death as mercy. Well, there is no other way to end that torment. Here are 10 brutal fates in movies that were worse than death. Which fate is the most horrid according to you?

Get Out

It’s easier to rescue a hostage or fix a broken arm than treating a troubled mind. Being trapped in the darkness of one’s own mind forever is the worst thing one can imagine. When the mother of Chris’s girlfriend tried to hypnotize him and commanded him to sink into the floor, he could see and hear everything around him but couldn’t take control over his brain. As he was completely unable to move his body, he realized how others like him were taken over by leaving their mind in Sunken Place. Imagine watching someone else take control of your body while you can do nothing as a prisoner of your mind.

Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi

Brutal Fates In Movies Worse Than Death

Jabba the Hut had sent Luke, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to the Great Pit of Carkoon which was a large basin of sand on the Dune Sea where a monstrous creature Sarlacc lived. As Sarlacc gulped you down, it was the slow process of digestion that was unnerving. The Sarlacc would swallow someone completely but spend a thousand years digesting them.


“Oldboy” was an emotionally tormenting story even for the audience. It was about a man named Dae-Su Oh who was once kidnapped and imprisoned in a room for 15 years. He doesn’t know his captor and has no idea why he was held captive. As he finally gets freedom, he meets a young woman, falls in love with her, and ends up sleeping with her. It wasn’t until later that he learns that the young woman he slept with was his daughter whom he last saw before getting kidnapped.


Even the most intimidating and powerful villains in the Superman universe shiver at the name of the Phantom Zone. Phantom Zone is a mirror-like prison created by Supe’s father Jor-El for treason on Krypton. Villains like Zod and Ursa were trapped in the Phantom Zone and released into space to float endlessly for eternity.


The fate of the mischievous boys who were lured with cigars and beers at the end of Pinocchio is still unsettling. The mischievous boys were turned into donkeys and sold off to buyers from various places. The film never showed how their fate turned out to be, leaving us to assume that the boys spent the rest of their lives as donkeys.

The Fly

Brutal Fates In Movies Worse Than Death
Brutal Fates In Movies Worse Than Death

Becoming Ant-Man and the Wasp sounds pretty cool as they fight criminals and space villains. Sadly, Seth Brundle became a victim rather than a hero. His transformation into a fly was repulsive to watch as his teeth and hair fell off and his skin changed beyond repair. In the end, Ronnie takes mercy on him and shoots the Brundlefly.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In the Wizarding World, the dark wizards and criminals were sent to Azkaban and sentenced to a fate way worse than death. They were thrown at the mercy of the soul-sucking dementors whose presence turns the environment chilly and grim. When a Dementor kisses you, it takes off its hood (no one’s seen their horrid face) and suck all happiness and every bit of soul, leaving a soulless body behind. You will be alive but you will never get your soul back. Dementors feast on darkness and rip you off any feeling of “peace, hope, and happiness”.

The Old Guard

Quynh had the power of immortality which enabled her to heal herself automatically. This sounds like a blessing until you hear her fate. Quynh’s jailer trapped her body in an iron maiden which was a coffin-shaped box made of iron. The box was thrown deep into the ocean so Quynh would spend an eternity trapped in it. Thankfully, she did manage to escape it. Remember how Stefan had almost lost his humanity when he was trapped in the box and thrown under the water in “The Vampire Diaries”? That’s not the immortality that the vampire was expecting.

Avengers: Infinity War

MCU Marvel Comics

Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull was a power-hungry man who could go to any extent to grab the Tesseract containing the Space Stone and use it to cause destruction. He did end up getting the Infinity Stone but that turned out to be his ultimate defeat. After the events of “Captain America: The First Avenger,” we learnt that Red Skull was transported to Vormir to protect the Soul Stone in “Avengers: Infinity War”. He had been very close to power for over 70 years but couldn’t do anything about it. He was surrounded with nothing but isolation and the responsibility to mind the Soul Stone.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Brutal Fates In Movies Worse Than Death
Brutal Fates In Movies Worse Than Death

Kill Bill had plenty of horrible ways to take vengeance- burying alive or leaving someone with a snake. The Bride did manage to punch her way out of the coffin before darkness and suffocation took control over her. But as her fight with Elle Driver took place, Bride took out one of her eyes and left her at the mercy of a black mamba.

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