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  • MoviesHidden Details In Iconic Movies

    10 Hidden Details In Iconic Movies That Fans Never Noticed

    There is no doubt that you have watched most of the following movies more than once. After all, these brilliantly crafted pieces are worth watching over and over again. Some of you may have seen it recently for the umpteenth time due to the holidays. Be ready to get goosebumps as you will discover some interesting details from your favorite…

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  • MoviesBrutal Fates Worse Than Death

    10 Brutal Fates In Movies That Were Worse Than Death

    Filmmakers and writers are known for the creative minds behind the fictional and fantasy world. But sometimes these writers use their creativity for dark and grim things as well. Instead of blessing their characters with a peaceful death, they inflict painful fates on them. This route is so awful that they’d beg for death as mercy. Well, there is no…

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  • MoviesMovies with the Most Shocking Endings

    10 Movies That Had The Most Shocking Endings

    What is a movie without a little plot twist? Be it a psychological thriller or a teenage rom-com, movies strive for twists and mystery. Even though the degree varies from genre to genre, you can always expect the unexpected. However, some films went beyond the expectations and left us gobsmacked with their endings. It was not the plot twist but…

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