A Major Infinity Gauntlet Character Has Been Added To MCU

Marvel Comics has a diverse list of characters that have not been explored yet in Marvel Cinematic Universe. With each new Phase, MCU has introduced new worlds that broaden the horizons for the Marvel universe. Characters like Odin from Thor, The Collector from Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dormammu from Doctor Strange are cosmic entities that have somehow worked in live action form.


Phase 3 may be gearing up for more cosmic entities as an important comic character from Infinity Gauntlet  will see entry before Avengers: Infinity War. In Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo introduces Stephen Strange to mystic artifacts including The Staff Of The Living Tribunal. Although it was slightly changed, the Living Tribunal is, in fact, one of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel Universe.

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The main purpose for The Living Tribunal’s existence is to protect and to oversee all the alternate realities of the Marvel Universe, and judge them as needed. Doctor Strange was the first human to encounter him in the comics. Interestingly, he is also the being who first allows Thanos to make his bid for godhood – and eventually the being  that orders the gems to be split up between Adam Warlock and his followers, never to be united again. He is also said to be a more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet as well.


His entrance into the MCU would be crucial for the storyline of Infinity War as he may be responsible for Thanos bid for power. If the movie stays true to the comic book, chances are, The Living Tribunal would be a definite player to look forward to in the upcoming movie. With all the superhero deaths that are predicted to happen, the Avengers will at least have a powerful being to set apart the Infinity Stone again and divide them into different parts of the Marvel multiverse.

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