15 Comic Book Characters You Never Knew Were Green Lanterns

Green Lantern is among the most powerful DC characters who is accompanied by a Power ring that lends super powers and abilities to him. But this power ring has found the wrist of some of the most unusual people across the board.

Check out our list of Characters You Never Knew Were Green Lanterns!

Captain Kirk

There is a whole band of Green Lanterns. James T. Kirk from Star Trek: Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds is the second biggest crossover after the one featuring Hal Jordon, in the Green Lantern Corps. But the situation turn strange when Kirk’s nemesis Khan also gets the ring and becomes Green Lantern.


Superman is also known to have a role in the massive power contained in the ring. In the storyline of The One Man JLA, Superman is captured by a villain and is given the vision of what would have happened if Superman didn’t land on the Earth. We see what his life would have been if he hadn’t been raised by Guardians of the Universe. He’d become the greatest Green Lanterns of all time.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is among the most complex characters in the comics. One of the issues in the comic is when she encounters Green Lantern. There is a red lantern ring on Earth and a lot of evil aliens are trying to have it. But Harley Quinn wears the ring and fights with Green Lantern.

Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is the most popular Looney Toons show character who always gets himself into comical and troublesome situations. In The Green Loontern, the costumes of Hal Jordan and Duck Dodgers get mixed up in a dry cleaner.

Kid Flash

Hal Jordon and Barry Allen aka The Flash, are two very good mates, in fact, the Flash was the first one to team up with Green Lantern. But both of them were dead by the late 90s and everyone wanted to see the happy days of these comics again. In Flash/Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold, Kid Flash, in a battle with Black Hand and Mirror Master, takes on an attack meant for Green Lantern and loses his speed. So Hal gives him his ring and he becomes Kid Green Lantern until he got his speed back.


The DC was looking for a character that was strong enough to kill Superman, but they couldn’t, so they created Doomsday. Doomsday kills Superman in The Death of Superman. Once Doomsday encounters Green Lantern, he takes away his ring and becomes supremely powerful. Practically unstoppable, one of the Guardians of the Universe had to sacrifice himself to kill him and put the wreck to an end.

Space Ghost

In a comic, Space Ghost and Green Lantern get trapped in space-time rift and then come on an unknown undiscovered xenophobic planet. They both decide to fight each until they knock each other down. They realized they’re on the same side and stripped of their weapons. When they get their weapons back, the ring temporarily comes to Space Ghost.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam was a superhero who gained power by the will of American people. Wonder Woman finds him in a gutter and sees that he has completely lost his true identity, so she uses her Lasso to get him back to his identity. He then grabs a Power Ring, something that is powered by the will, and he is powered by the will of the people, he rises to power as Green Lantern. But when Wonder Woman kills Batman, Superman quickly overpowers Uncle Sam.


He has a lot of evil tendencies, but he’s a willful character. Green Lantern comes to Earth and teams up with Batman and Robin to fight the bad guy Sinestro. Over the episode, Hal tries to hand his ring over to Batman, but due to a series of confused events, the ring lands in the hands of the Penguin and takes control of the mightiest weapon in the universe.

Iron Man (Kind of)

Iron Man and Green Lantern got fused with each other and became Iron Lantern in the Amalgam comic line.

Lex Luthor

Wanting to be worshipped as a god, he gets his hands on the Orange Power Ring. Previously, he also got the Green Power Ring. Later Luthor replaces Sinestro to become the Green Lantern.

Planet of the Apes

The ring of the Green Lantern has the most bizarre encounters as it reached to the apes from The Planet of the Apes.

Big Barda

In Another Nail dealing with Apokolips, Mr. Miracle hides. New Gods and Green Lantern Crops launched a massive assault on Apokolips. When one of the Lanterns is killed, the ring comes to Barda.

Barbara Gordon

When Green Lantern Kyle Rayners dies, the power ring ultimately chooses Barbara Gordon to be the new Green Lantern, to be the savior of Earth.


One night while Batman was in the Batcave, Abin Sur crashed his vehicle outside Wayne Manor and gave Bruce his Power Ring. Batman slides on the ring into his finger and he became the most powerful Green Lantern ever.

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