5 Brutal Deaths In X-Men That Shook Fans To The Core

X-Men comics can be brutal at times with a lot of killing involved in them. And the fans seem to love it. So here are some such scenes mentioned talking about stories where the biggest deaths in X-Men took place:

 Wolverine Kills Daken

When Daken, Wolverine’s son is working for Norman Osborn in the Dark Avengers, in order to bring the bloodshed to an end, he kills Daken. He puts his claws inside him and then drowns him in order to stop him from regenerating, what’s worse is that all this while what is going through his mind is how his life would have been with Daken by his side.

The Phoenix Rising

Professor X’s death was undoubtedly one of the most heart-wrenching deaths in the comics as he was the father figure to a number of mutants, and to see him killed by one of his most trusted and loved students was true to take a lot for the fans. X is trying to bring back Scott from being controlled by the Phoenix when he’s eventually killed and after that Cyclops gives into a Phoenix.

Logan’s Death

Wolverine, when infected by the virus, is unable to use his regenerative capability comes to know that Dr. Cornelius, the creator of the Weapon X programme has ordered his assassination, along with this, he comes to know that the evil doctor is continuing his experiments on others, Logan tears the vase having boiling adamantium and gets covered and suffocated by it and eventually dies, but not before killing the doctor.

Wolverine Kills Dark Phoenix

In X-Men: Phoenix — Endsong, the Shi’ar fail to terminate the Phoenix Force, which then in order to survive flies to Earth to bond with Jean Grey again. In order to save the world, Jean asks Wolverine to kill her. Wolverine kills Jean Grey repeatedly. the actual number is six times. With every time, the Phoenix reviving her, and getting weaker, until it completely fades away.

Professor Xavier Wipes Out Apocalypse


Apocalypse is one of the best and supposedly indestructible villains of Marvel. He has died several times in storylines but his death in the 90s X-Men cartoon was phenomenally done. As Apocalypse abducts most of the psychics of Marvel, the rest of the X-Men manage to free all the psychics and that’s when Professor Xavier destroys the Immortal Apocalypse.

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