Elongated Man Gets A Totally New Costume On The Flash

The Flash returned with a bang after its mid-season break which left people on a big cliff-hanger. The mid-season finale had Devoe (Dominic) and his wife frame Barry for the death of the real Clifford Devoe, or his useless body as you can say since he transferred his consciousness and his abilities into Dominic’s body.

So in short, Dominic is the new Devoe and the old Clifford Devoe is dead. The Thinker is now the smartest man alive who can also read the thoughts of his adversaries. How can anyone defeat him now? How can The Flash take him down from a jail when he has vowed he won’t use his powers to break out of the prison.

In the new episode, Barry fought the legal charges against him, as he was found at his home with Devoe’s dead body and the murder weapon at his own home. Barry stood trial in the right way, and he was found guilty.

He was incarcerated to Iron Heights Penitentiary for life without a possibility of parole. Devoe (Dominic) and his wife framed Barry in such a way that there was no right way in which he could prove his innocence. So Barry would have to stay in Prison for the coming few weeks.

Meanwhile, all this was happening in Barry’s life, we have seen a new hero building up in team Flash. Ralph Dibny, who is yet to be named ‘The Elongated Man’ is being developed as a character, and we have seen him change for the collective good, being influenced by all the great friends he has been surrounded with for months.

The famous actor Hartley Sawyer plays the role of Private Detective Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man. He is not new to CW’s shows and starred in CW Seed’s ‘Saving the Human Race’ and is popular for his roles in The Young & the Restless, Glory Daze, SPiN (a short film).

This character was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino and first appeared in DC comics in an issue of The Flash #112 back in 1960. As a child, he was fascinated by chemistry, obsessed with contortionists and developed a concentrated version of a compound that helped him gain elasticity. In the show, he came in contact with ‘Dark matter’ while he was riding a bus brought about by Flash arrival from the speed force.

He is a meta-human but he did not take his powers seriously let alone try to master them and channelize them for good use. He can change the shape of his body in new ways, stretch his body beyond imagination etc. but he failed to tap such amazing powers. He was treated like a person who is there to offer comic relief.

But now, every new episode, we find Dibny doing something really remarkable, and grow as a person, which surprisingly comes out of nowhere, as he keeps proving that he has a lot of good in him.

Even in the latest episode, he stopped detective Joe from doing something horribly wrong, for which he would not have been able to forgive himself later on.

Seeing his son in law fighting for his innocence, Joe decided to plant fake evidence at the house of Clifford Devoe, which would prove that it was Devoe’s wife who actually planted his body at Barry’s home in order to frame Barry for his murder.

Dibny stopped Joe from doing it in the best way he could as he explained to him what would happen in the future when people found out. He related the same case with his own past experience which led him to become a dirty private investigator from a good Noble cop.

Dibny has been saving the city along with the Flash for quite a while along with the rest of Team Flash. Until now, he has not got a superhero name (The Elongated Man) and has been wearing a lame prototype suit designed by Cisco that could stretch along with his Elastic Body.

Now, we all know that a new suit is on the cards for Dibny, and thankfully, we do not have to wait much longer to see it. He is no longer going to be weirdly funny, scared little pussy who does not contribute any value to the team, instead he will undergo a huge makeover and gets to wear a super savvy suit with awesome features.

With the Flash now being in Prison, it is upon Dibny and the rest of Team Flash, to keep fighting the good fight and save Central City from the upcoming dangers. The promo for the upcoming episode shows Ralph doing exactly that, but he is still wearing his old costume. Well, what did not appear in the promo was Dibny’s brand new Super Suit.

New images of The Elongated Man have hit the internet recently, and here is the first look at The Elongated Man from The Flash. While it isn’t completely comic accurate, the suit does appear to have some inspiration from its DC Comics counterpart version.


The black mask has been used by Elongated Man before in the comics, while color of the suit appears to be a darker purple or muted red (maroon) on The Flash. Elongated Man has worn both red and purple suits in the comics.

Well, as we saw in the new promo of the upcoming episode of The Flash, that Dibny will be filling in for The Flash since the city is currently defenseless. This suit will be designed by none other than Cisco since he is no stranger to designing super suits on the show.

Earlier, when Dibny was just being made part of the Team Flash, Cisco designed a suit for him and it was a total bust. It was so awful that even fans felt bad for Dibny and demanded a better suit for him.

The explanation was given then was that Cisco made it in a hurry and that he will come out with a new version in the future. It was almost a parody of a suit and that was precisely the point. He was neither fully embraced by members of Team Flash nor did he prove himself as a fine superhero.

But there is a difference between being bad-ass and cool. A suit may not look like super awesome but it still had some cool features. For instance, the suit allows Dibny to reduce himself to the size of a tennis ball or stretch his arms so much that he can even reach a helicopter flying at high altitude. Despite that, there was a need for an upgrade and he is getting it.

This was definitely the perfect time to have this suit since Dibny would be stepping up from now on, and looking a complete jackass (in his old suit) would not help much of his cause. And, the suit does look great and in sync with the rest of the heroes within the Arrowverse.

Do you guys find the suit to be great? Will Dibny fill the void left by Kid Flash in the team? Can he become a legit superhero who strike fear into the minds of criminals in the Central City? Doe, he has it in him to make Team Flash proud of him? Tell us in the comments.

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