A Ride Through the MCU Action Vol. 5 Has Released. Witness the Masterpiece

Talent should be appreciated. That’s how it gets refined into something even better. Here’s a rising underappreciated talent who deserves more attention from MCU fans all across the globe. Even if you’re not an MCU fanboy/fangirl, here’s something that will turn you into being one. Such video editing skills and hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Gugga Leunnam’s A Ride Through the MCU Action Vol. 5 has arrived. Take a look at his new masterpiece creation:

Once you watch the video, do one thing. Watch it again but this time do it at 0.5 playback speed. That is when you’d be able to fully appreciate the hard work put into this video. If you are a bit impressed with Vol. 5, then you should certainly scroll Leunnam’s Youtube page for the previous iterations. Every one of these Infinity Saga Action Volumes have MCU stories beautifully retold from different points of views. Let’s start with Vol. 1. Watch it if you haven’t already:

These videos surely bring back the fondest of memories you might have with the MCU. For creating videos of such high quality, you need to have crazy editing skills. But along with that, you need to be a die-hard Marvel fan to be able to immerse yourself into watching MCU films & fights for hours, days, weeks & months. Take a look at Vol. 2:

The transitions from one scene to another are truly amazing. The dialogues have been used to perfection. Having seen these transition videos, it’s just crazy to see how there are infinite parallels in all Infinity Saga fight scenes. Scenes could be connected to each other through an attack, defense, impact, the aftermath or even the emotions in the many fight sequences of MCU films. It shows how much planning must have gone into placing one scene after the other. It’s even tougher than connecting the different story arcs of something like Game of Thrones and tying them into one single finale. Here’s Vol. 3:

The theme of Vol. 3 is duals. Most one on one battles have been paralleled in this particular transition video. The way the scenes change from one fight to another do nothing but raise the hype to get even more great action from Marvel. They’ve done an awesome job at keeping things fresh and their stories unique over the years. More than that, the action sequences keep evolving every time, and Gugga Leunnam shows how the evolution has happened over the years. Now take a look at A Ride Through the MCU Action Vol. 4:

Again, you can’t do anything more than just appreciating the amount of detailing Marvel puts into their action scenes, and the great usage of that detailing by the video editing Maestro Gugga Leunnam. Every one of these videos is different & yet equally amazing. But after having watched all 5 of them, we’ve noticed one particular detail that stands out from the previous 4 volumes. Leunnam has merged scenes with more than just a smooth transition. Individual characters (or even weapons) from one particular scene have been cut out and added into a different scene. That has made the transitions look even better.

A Ride Through the MCU Action Vol. 5

There are some other great transition video talents like Super Ammo, Ak Editx and more, but none of them are one the level of Leunnam. It’d be interesting to see what more Leunnam could bring for us. He has already used all 23 MCU movies in his 5 videos, so he should probably move onto multi fandom transitions. Seeing DC, Marvel, G. I. Joes, Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, John Wick, Transformers, Terminator and more franchises crossover into one video would be awesome. For more Volumes of exclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe transition videos, there need to be more films or else the content will get too redundant. So, for A Ride Through the MCU Action Vol. 6 to contain fresh new action scenes, we might have to wait for 6 months or more.

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