Here’s How The Avengers Would’ve Looked if They Had Comic Accurate Suits

How Avengers Would Looked in Comic Accurate Suits:

Marvel’s costume designing is beyond this world. Even the simplest of suits designed for someone like Doctor Strange or Quicksilver are truly amazing. Marvel totally knows how to adapt the comics into live action. They do end up doing a comic accurate suit once or twice, but they surely know what will work and what will not. The comic accurate suits of many heroes won’t work in live action. For instance, take Hawkeye. His mask hasn’t transitioned into the MCU for a good reason. Still, we can’t help but imagine how the following MCU heroes would’ve looked if their suits were comic accurate.


You’ve already seen Hawkeye in the cover image. I’m sure that none of us would’ve preferred this suit for Hawkeye. Marvel instead gave him 3 other cool suits that worked really well in all the films he was in. First was the long coat version we got in Age of Ultron. This was a pretty cool spin. Then came the Civil War suit which is probably the coolest of all. And finally, we got the Ronin suit in Endgame. Even as a Ninja, Clint looked top notch.


Marvel is right for not giving Thor his helmet the entire time. Even when they did give him the helmet, it looked classy. The Thor: Ragnarok version totally fit into the narrative of the film. The classic comics’ version just wouldn’t work. Even though Chris Hemsworth is pulling off the pointy head helmet quite well in the above image, it would’ve only led to more jokes from Tony Stark and the legendary memers across the world.

Captain America

 How Avengers Looked in Comic Accurate Suits

Even when Marvel did the classic comic accurate Captain America suit, it didn’t look as stupid and cheap as the above image shows up. Rather, Marvel actually incorporated that suit pretty well into the story. And adding the jacket on it along with a military helmet was just great work. Captain America has got the most amazing suits throughout his MCU journey (barring the one in The Avengers. But even that came as a symbol so I’d still put it in the good suits list).


We are really glad that Ant-Man didn’t have this weird helmet. Marvel teased a version of it in the 1970 section of the time Heist, and that was enough. Again, this was another example of how Marvel knows where to leave the comics behind and embrace the advanced modern world. Fun fact about Ant-Man’s MCU suit – His helmet actually looks more like Ultron because Hank Pym was the one who created Ultron in the comics. So, it was a reference to that.

Iron Man

Iron Man’s suits would’ve been quite weird if they had looked anything like the comics. Even his final suit, the Mark 85 was inspired from the comics but made to look as advanced as possible. Marvel did do a comic accurate version through Tony’s cave armor, and that worked really well for the story. Rest, everyone knows that Iron Man is a piece of art, and adapting his suit to perfection was the reason why MCU films have been able to work so well on the big screen. In fact, Iron Man is probably the main reason why the Superhero genre has taken over Hollywood.


We’re glad that this cheap cosplay has never been adapted in the MCU. Falcon’s suit is gradually evolving. First we got the basic militarized version of it. Then it got a stealthy Grey & Red color scheme to it. Sam is going to get the comic accurate colors in the upcoming series and it still looks quite awesome.

Bucky Barnes 

 How Avengers Looked in Comic Accurate Suits

Bucky Barnes would’ve looked totally stupid if he wore anything close to the comic accurate suit. Rather, Marvel gave it a cool spin by changing the Red to Brown. He will once again don the blue outfit and have shorter hair in the upcoming series. But don’t expect the Red pants to ever happen.

Scarlet Witch  


Wanda’s suits are also gradually getting better and better. She started off with just a jacket. Her suit in Infinity War & Endgame was a pretty cool spin, but Marvel is going to incorporate her comic accurate Scarlet Witch suit in the upcoming MCU series – WandaVision. Don’t worry, this suit will just be a Halloween costume. The real suit of Scarlet Witch is yet to be revealed. Although, we do think that we won’t be seeing the head gear again. The one thing there is to note is that even Marvel’s Halloween costume looks better than the cheap cosplay that has been photoshopped into the first image.


 How Avengers Looked in Comic Accurate Suits

Vision has got a totally different backstory in the MCU. And very rightly, he has got a different much better looking suit as well. Marvel hasn’t added the collar onto the cape yet, but we’re hoping that they will give Vision a graceful long collar Just like Doctor Strange.


We are extremely glad that Quicksilver looked nothing like his comic book counterpart. His suit is just actually a cool looking T-shirt that he got from the Avengers Tower. And it’s good that Marvel didn’t go overboard to give him white hair. When Quicksilver will return to the MCU, we believe that he will get a new suit which will probably look as good as the one you see in the second image.


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