5 Worst Post Credit Scenes of Marvel Movies

Post credit scenes of Marvel universe is loved by the fans. Fans even after the film ends sit on their seats too get something extra from their beloved superheroes. And they love waiting for the scenes, well not always. Some post credit scenes can just be called shit. These are a total disappointment to the fans and make them rethink their decision of sitting all this while. Here is a list of some such scenes:


Okay, this was again one of the worst ever post credit scenes of marvel. Stark had said, does anyone wants to have Shawarma after the whole Chiutari Battle, and in the post credits scene, the whole team can be seen having shawarma, not speaking a word, giving nothing for the sequel just eating.

Thor: The Dark World

Post Credit Scenes Of MarvelThis again was a shitty post credits scene. Nope, we aren’t talking about the mid credits scene showing Sif and the collector, here we talk about nothing but that kiss that Thor shares with Jean at the end of that film as it added nothing to the plot.

X-Men 3

Again this film had a real shitty cameo. The film was bad, with Jean killing off Scott and Xavier, but the cameo? Even worse it showed Charles alive, greeting Moira McTaggart. Dude make up your mind if you want him dead or alive


In the post credits scene here, we see Magneto telling Logan that “new threats are coming” this was fine, what wasn’t fine though was Professor X accompanying him. Neither was he shown alive, well and recruiting nor was it ever explained how he managed to survive after Jean killed him.

Captain America’s PSA

This had to be on the number one spot. Captain America coming at the end of the film and talking about patience? Dude what the hell was that about. That was just clear mockery of the fans, that’s no way to repay the love of your fans Marvel.

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