10 Supporting Characters Ruined In Superhero Movies

There are a lot of comic book characters that can always be seen in supporting roles, but their presence in itself is really great. But some films just kill these supporting characters’ stories and make them shitty. Here are 10 such characters.


X- Men Origins: Wolverine was probably made with a single mindset, ‘Show as many mutants as possible’ Wraith, as big a character in the comics is just used as a guide for the film. Also, casting Will. I. Am for the role was another blunder. The musician destroyed the character so much so that people were actually rooting for Victor when he kills him.

Rick Flagg

Rick Flagg is undoubtedly one of the most important members of Suicide Squad as he was one of the originals who were the first to be the part of the Suicide Squad. Not just that he has been in the comics since 1959, and he has been so important in the comics that he has even fought the mightiest of all, but in the film, he was nothing but Amanda Waller’s lapdog who just did her bidding. Undoubtedly it was a great way to ruin such an important character.

Tallulah Black

All the Jonah Hex fans would undoubtedly root for this name. Tallulah Black was someone who can actually be used instead of the word survivor, as she is undoubtedly someone to look up to. This is because her character while not very old was assaulted real bad, her entire family murdered in front of her and she was even made to be a prostitute and even shot in the head, but we’ll, she went against all odds and became a bounty hunter, and we all know what the writers did to Megan Fox’s character in the film.


Deadshot is an ace marksman, someone who lives by a code, a great father, and a big bad asshole. What happens if you take the last part out? Well, Will Smith in Suicide Squad happens. Not just is the character boring but heavily underwritten. Make him do some bad stuff guys.


Undoubtedly no one needs to get the introduction of Batgirl, we all know too well about who she is and not just that  we all know how pivotal is her character to various storylines of the series but sadly Alicia Silverstone wasn’t a part of such a franchise as her Batgirl was somewhat of a street racer with a really shitty costume and pathetic dialogues. Not just that she was not even the daughter of James Gordon in this film.


rogue is in x men: dark phoenix

Rogue’s look and powers do justice to her character in the comics, we’re afraid that’s not what we can say about her character though. While she is an emo seeming, mumbling character throughout the films, she’s a strong fierce X-Men member, who eventually grows to be their leader.


She has to b undoubtedly the worst ever villain on screen. The history of her character was fine, but again her screen time, as well as the clarity to the character, was nowhere to be found. In a weird fashion, she is not just defeated but the witch’s heart is in possession of Waller. How dammit?

Jonathan Kent

If there is a character who is the farthest on screen than what he;’s in the comics, it’s got to be him. Jonathan is Clark’s moral compass. His source of humanity and his constant boost for heroism, but what he does in the films just tell his kid to not show his powers as the world is not yet ready for him and this could be bad for him. Way to go, dad!


Colossus’ character definition in the comics is that guy, who’s a huge frame with a huge heart. As beautifully depicted in Deadpool, the film X-Men: The Last Stand totally tarnished the character, in appearance as well as in character, with no depth given to him, and he looking a steel guy with an average built.



Mystique in the X-Men trilogy was all cool, how the character should have been. But alas, Lawrence couldn’t recreate the magic that Rojimn did. Her superhero character can only be called fickle minded now, knowing not whether to go to Charles’ side or Erik’s. Her leading the X-Men, in the end, was a great ‘what the fuck’ moment for all.

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