10 Deadliest Villains of CW’s Superhero Shows, Ranked

CW Arrowverse is going great and people are all excited about what the few seasons would bring. So here we are ranking (top to bottom) all the previous years’ villains for giving us great shows as we know the heroes are only as great as wicked the villains are:

Eobard Thawne

Of course, this bad boy had to be on the number one spot. Eobard Thawne or as we know him, the Reverse Flash who infamously killed Barry Allen’s mother and framed his father for the same. The great-grandchild of Iris’ fiancé this guy has come into the picture a number of times. First in the Flash and then in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow creating great ordeals for our heroes.

Slade Wilson

Probably the best villain if you ask us on a human level, which means the things he did, the way he made Ollie pay, the way he actually brought the season to a great climactic ending, taking every episode of the season on his shoulders. The Australian actor really did a fantastic job playing the part, so much so that the audience actually wants a Deathstroke spin-off.


arrow season 5 villain prometheus

Okay, hands down he is a great villain. Probably the only one who broke the Green Arrow. Made him accept what or who he really was. He did something that even Deathstroke couldn’t do. He also gave us probably the best season of Arrow. A slightly more relatable villain, or as we like to call him, Green Arrow’s evil twin, he did a fantastic job.

Malcolm Merlin


Oh yes, this one came as a surprise to the most of us, when we came to know that the father of not just Tommy but also Thea is the big baddie of season one of Arrow. The actor did a pretty fantastic job playing g the part. It was revealed at the end of this season that he wouldn’t be appearing ever again as the character though.

Gorilla Grodd

The good baby gorilla on whom there were several experiments run, that made him into a brainy human-hating gorilla with telepathic abilities while still having his brute strength. A really hardcore combination if you ask us. Of course, he had to be on this list.

Captain Cold

Probably the sexiest villain of them all. Leonard Snart with his sarcastic and killer way of talking sure showed Barry and the others why he is the most famous villain from his Rogues Gallery. Though the villain later had a change of heart and came to be an anti-hero in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. So much so that he even sacrificed his life for the sake of his team.

Killer Frost

The cute and nerdy Catlin Snow when turns out to be a bitch? Oh boy, she sure does look hot being so cold. With a completely changed attitude and those ice skiing and frosty abilities, she sure does a lot of damage to everyone that crosses her path. Friend or foe, she doesn’t see a difference.

Ra’s Al Ghul

A great villain from the comics, who is not just a great villain for the Green Arrow but even for someone as strong and sharp as the Batman. Though the portrayal of his character on the show Arrow was great, the storyline was such that it didn’t cause as much damage as it could to Ollie and his team.

Damien Darhk

Okay, to be fair it was the fault of the story in that season and not just Darhk that the show looked so poor. If you ask us, Damian actually did a pretty fantastic job staying true to his character till the very end. Not just that, it is not about all the bad things he did, but the way he did was something that made every fan want to kill him.

Vandal Savage


Of course, this dude had to be here. Though he is not one of the most prominent villains of the Arrowverse, due to being the villain of the poorest of the CW shows. But still, this guy does a pretty fantastic job of fucking with a good number of superheroes at the same time and that too at almost all times in the history.

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